Release Fear Of Your Own Power: Audio Clearing

We all have amazing and unique gifts, and the world needs us to step up and bring them to the world. 

The trouble is that women invariably struggle with the thought of shining, of outshining, and of standing out.  Of course you can’t hide and shine at the same time. If we spend our lives hiding, not only do we never realise our potential, but the world never benefits from what we can offer.

Women have been conditioned by our ancestry, by men, by society, to keep quiet and support the men.  Although we now consciously have the right to freedom and choice, the undercurrent of institutions, attitudes and expectations often tells us the opposite story. This makes us feel conflicted and blocked.

The qualities that make a man regarded as leader material can often get a woman labeled as an arrogant b*tch!  Sad, but still alas true.

Here’s the thing though – if we keep playing by those old rules, we will never change the status quo. We have to break through those old attitudes and step into our leadership, our power, our voice and our true brilliance.  We need to stop holding back.

I have struggled over and over with these things, and I know just how difficult they are to overcome by ourselves.  So, I am giving you a healing which will really help to clear some of those subconscious blocks and make it easier for you to expand into your empowerment.

This healing helps to shift limiting beliefs from your subconscious mind. Simply relax, close your eyes, and listen to the recording. Blocks will be released and limiting beliefs deleted.  Simple as that!

Don’t listen to this while you’re driving as it will make you drowsy.  

I love to hear about your experiences with my healings, so please share in the comments below.

Do share this clearing with anyone who needs it!  Now is our time to shine!

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