How To Get Unstuck Quickly

I’ll be honest, I have struggled with being stuck, a lot – and I mean a lot!   Every fear , worry and excuse under the sun.  I’ve had them all.

Everyone and everything tells us to set goals, to take action.  We have the intention to do so and we might even get as far as writing the list, making the plan or signing up for the training, but then the inevitable blocks start to rear their ugly heads.  The result – frustration, stagnation, and no change.  No change of course means no progress, no dreams realised, no old patterns released and the world not getting the benefit of your unique gifts and talents.

Then of course we beat ourselves up, tell ourselves that it’s not possible for us, that we are useless, and not good enough.

Yes – not good enough – that old chestnut!  Before too long you have spiralled yourself down into that familiar pit and you’re back where you started – just a bit older!

This can go on for years. Houses still cluttered.  Websites not built. New projects not launched.  Or maybe it’s showin up in your job – perhaps you’ve been meaning to apply for that promotion for ages, but just haven’t taken that step.


Well, this isn’t a simple issue and there are lots of pieces to the jigsaw which I’ll be going into in coming weeks, but for today I’m going to share an easy and powerful technique to start unlocking the blocks to taking action that have been hindering you from realising your goals, vision and dreams in your life.

Here’s where we are going to start…

Stepping into something new triggers a survival response in our brains that tells us ‘different is dangerous, the same is safe.’  This immediately puts the brakes on what we are doing and convinces us to stay where we are.

Even before we start looking at changing our conditioning, the only thing we need to actually start the ball rolling is to disrupt those old patterns, and that’s what we’re going to do right now.

As you probably know, one of the amazing tools I use is the fabulous Colour Mirrors system. The colour combinations have a very specific effect on our brain and have the power to shift patterns, blocks and issues just with the frequency.

A bottle that I find so powerful in kicking me into action when I’ve got stuck is number 16, The Tower, lime green over pale lilac.  It’s a powerful combination!

This is the energy of change, not random change, but change underpinned by your highest good. Lime green is the colour of authentic power, new projects, growth and business.  Pale lilac is your higher self, your spiritual guidance. Together we get a powerhouse of action that totally transcends those fears of moving forwards.

So here’s what you do.

1) Take a couple of minutes and sit quietly (that’s all it takes!)

2) Bring to mind the issue where you feel blocked or limited. You might feel a stress or anxiety coming up in your body as you do this. This is telling you where the energy is blocked.

3) Now click on the bottle image, and then focus on the colours and as you breathe imagine breathing that energy into your blocks, fears and worries about moving forwards.

4) Just do this for a minute and as you do so, imagine or visualise your blocks, excuses, fears and antyhing else standing between you and your goal dissolving easily and effortlessly.

That’s it!  Yes it’s really that simple. Trust me – it’s incredibly effective.

Now is the time to stop holding back and start taking action towards the things you really desire in life.

Please share this  – women thrive the most when we help each other.


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