A Get On Track Healing For You

Things are changing so rapidly everywhere in the world, and not just everything that we hear on the news. Energetically, things could not be in more turbulence too.  The old structures are breaking down and this is our chance to move forward and create a higher way of being.

Unfortunately this isn’t an easy process at all.  Our minds resist change – well it’s just the normal human reaction – we are programmed  by evolution to believe that staying the same is safe and different is dangerous.  The result – instead of gently shifting into the new and allowing our vibrations to raise easily, we end up confused, stuck and resisting every single shift.

The trouble is that our Higher Self  is totally on board with the new agenda. We each have a higher purpose, a unique gift we are here to give to the world – and if we are off track our Higher Self will freak out and create carnage in our lives until we get kicked into the right place. I’ve certainly lived this one myself!!!

So, here is a healing activation which will help you clear the resistance to our natural evolution and will help you get on track with your higher self and your higher purpose in life.  This subconscious upgrade shifts blocks and beliefs from the deep layers of your mind. Just relax, close your eyes and listen. It doesn’t matter if you drift off, you’ll still receive the benefit. 

Do not listen while driving though, as you may become drowsy.

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