The Real Reason You Feel Blocked

So, we women are meant to have equality and empowerment nowadays – or at least that is what we are told. 

So why is it that when we want to put forwards our ideas, ask for promotion, speak up in meetings, launch our business, discuss money with clients, we still hold back? Or if we do these things, we have to screw up our courage and it feels like a terrible ordeal?

Surely if we had the power and equality we are meant to have, we would be able to step up, effortlessly? Well, at least be able to step up without feeling as if we are about to go to the guillotine!

I, for one, certainly have not felt that ease.  It started way back when I was a scientist struggling to succeed in that male-dominated engineering department. Later, when I was out of that environment in my new holistic empowerment career, I thought things would be different. However as soon as I started to have a genuine business, it started again.  Blocks, anxiety, stress.  What on earth was going on?

If you think about it, have you experienced these endless blocks, anxiety, out-of-proportion stress as soon as you step out of your comfort zone?  

It’s actually very common for women to feel this way.  We are told that we should ‘be more confident’ but how can we when what we feel is so debilitating?

Well, these ongoing struggles led me to the discoveries I’ve made that have absolutely changed everything. 

Fact –  when we feel this way it’s because the underlying energies around us, and in our subconscious minds, are telling us that what we are doing is forbidden.

Yes, I said FORBIDDEN!

“That’s ridiculous,” I hear you say.

Well, actually not.  The old definitions and limitations on what a woman should be and do are still there, under the surface. Society may have moved forwards lightyears in the last couple of generations, in terms of women’s freedom, but under the surface, the subconscious beliefs haven’t yet had time to catch up. These hidden energies subtly affect the way we all feel and react to the world around us.

What does this mean? Well, it means that every time you step out of those old roles – which pretty much mean step out of the kitchen  – part of your mind tells you you’re breaking the rules and will be punished, or even put to death. Very extreme, yes!  But this is what I have found in my work on myself and with many other women.

This is the legacy of the persecution of women for being powerful, for being healers, for threatening the patriarchy in the past. The witch persecutions are the most extreme manifestation of this phenomenon. This history of women’s disempowerment is still with us, still undermining us when we try to achieve in life.

So how do we deal with it? Well the first step is simply understanding and awareness.

Thankfully those times are indeed over in many countries, so if you choose to outshine the men, be powerful, be a leader in your field, and be visible doing all of the above, you will no longer be put to death, burnt at the stake, persecuted or cast out of the village.

Now your subconscious doesn’t think about this, it just looks at its default response and triggers danger in your mind and body. That is why you are still reacting with blocks and stress. But you don’t have to let those obsolete programmes win.

Simply understanding what is happening begins to put you back into your power. Your mind and body FEEL the blocks, stress and anxiety, but when you know it’s an obsolete reaction from subconscious programmes from the past, and NOT any real danger, this helps you defuse those fears.

So, next time you try to step out of your comfort zone, and the fears and blocks begin to sabotage you, remember this mindset shift and don’t let those archaic energies hold you back. 

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