Turquoise De-stressing Meditation

At the moment we are having to deal with so much that’s different, stressful and worrying – not only with the present situation but with our concerns and uncertainty about the future.  It is so easy for this to ramp up and magnify our anxiety, set us on a path of overwhelm.  Before too long, this accumulates and cracks can begin to appear. However, we can take the power back from this and bring balance back in.

So I decided it was time to bring in a turquoise energy mediation, to help break the cycle of worry, and bring in harmony and wellbeing – I need this as much as anyone!  Turquoise is the colour of letting go, trust and faith (oh my goodness how hard is that!) allowing, and releasing control of the outcome.  It’s also the colour of heart-felt communication and our feelings. 

If turquoise is blocked in our energy, we will be in a place of paralysis, overwhelm, crippling over-analysis, and fear.  This isn’t going to help anything. However, when we are able to let this go, even if it is only a little easing of that pattern, then energy begins to flow, wellbeing begins to return, and we feel better.  Not only that, but we are then of course much more useful to those around us too.

Here is my little turquoise meditation – it is designed to release the patterns that cause us to get stressed by over-analysing ​​and trying to control everything.  Take just 10 minutes for you, and relax.  Hope you enjoy it.

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