The Forgotten Key To Empowerment

One of the things that undermines women so much is that we get criticised far more than men.

It’s not fair, but it’s true.

The double standard is still very real and lurks in the shadows of everyone’s subconscious minds, including our own, ready to sabotage our success.

So the worst thing we can do is to actively criticise ourselves on top of this.

Truth is, we are deeply conditioned to criticise ourselves, to put our needs last, to sacrifice our desires and dreams for the sake of others.

Let me share something with you…Initially, when I created my keys to female empowerment (the keys in my book, Pull Back Your Power), there were only 5 keys, not the 6 of the full system.   There was no key of compassion. I thought that I didn’t need to include anything like this – that it was fluffy, and not the real big deep subconscious work and power dynamic shifting that make the big difference.
However I had missed the point! and I’m not ashamed to say it!

If we just focus on the programming, on the conditioning, on the power, we can very easily slip into pushing ourselves mercilessly on these too.

It becomes yet another thing we can criticise ourselves for and get perfectionist. ARGH! It’s easy to fall into the same trap all over again while trying to find our true female power. This totally defeats the object.

Compassion is actually the secret sauce – the magic ingredient. This is what brings love into the equation and allows us to not only nurture ourselves as we move forwards, but also to free ourselves from that self-judgement.

It was only when I included the compassion key that everything came together and the transformation became a beautiful journey of empowerment.

So, I invite you to bring this awareness into your consciousness – into your daily life. Flag up when you are beating yourself with the proverbial stick, when you are putting yourself down, or pushing yourself to breaking point.
This is NEVER a good plan!  NEVER!!!

Instead, take a few moments to acknowledge what you have achieved, to acknowledge how resilient, courageous, persistent, kind to others you have been, and how hard you have worked. If you need more time to do something, then so be it.

Compassion for you, leads to more achievement, better health, less stress and more of the things you want, not less.

It took me a long time to learn that one.
Love and magic!
Anne x

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I just had to share this beautiful photo with you. It’s taken near where I live and a favourite place to walk and think – and full of magical energies!

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