Women’s Missing Power Ingredient

 “What’s the best way to get over imposter syndrome, and boost confidence?”

I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve been asked this question – from podcast hosts, from colleagues, from clients.  It’s something we all want to know.

The answer isn’t what you’d expect!

It’s not about getting out of your comfort zone, or changing your body language, or ‘faking it till you make it’.  These superficial things can actually make things worse.

The answer is SAFETY – a deep-down knowing that it’s truly safe to be seen, noticed, listened to – the feeling that it’s safe to stand out, shine and outshine.

If that fundamental safety is missing, you’ll forever hold back, doubt yourself and play it small.

This missing safety is the reason why you continue to hold back, feel like an imposter and battle through feelings of anxiety – despite all the personal development you’ve done!

This is the missing ingredient that’s kept us from truly embodying and living our full power.


And after years of digging into the roots of these blocks, I distilled it all down to these three factors:


  1. Safe to be visible – you have to feel safe in your body and mind, when others see you, otherwise you’ll end up blending into the background, staying invisible, taking support roles instead of the lead, and never realising your true potential.


  2. Safe to speak up – as small children, it’s easy to tell little girls ‘be seen and not heard’ or at least that you have worth when you’re quiet. However, that also sets women up to believe deep-down that it’s NOT safe or permitted to speak up.  And of course if you’ve experienced any soft of bullying or abusive behaviour this block can be infinitely worse. 


  3. Safe to be your powerful self – we’ve inherited one big message from history – powerful women are destroyed. From the witch-hunts of the mediaeval world to the biased criticism of female politicians today.  The status quo still does not like to see a woman with power.  We’ve all been deeply conditioned to hold back our power and hide it. Our true gifts and magic are labelled as forbidden and inherently dangerous.  So, we squash ourselves into the shape and behaviour that others expect.  BUT when it’s safe to show your true power, this opens up a world of freedom, opportunity and fulfilment.


After a long time of being asked this question, I realised that the first step to true freedom IS that simple: create a solution to fill that deep-seated safety gap.


And so I crafted a ‘subconscious upgrade’ bundle that addresses all 3 things – Safe to Succeed!
If you want to feel confident, and stop feeling vulnerable, so that you can speak up and hold your power, then this healing bundle is for you.


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But hurry, as this offer will only be available for a short time.


Remember, you can feel safe to succeed. And you have a special magic to offer, that world deserves to see!
With love
Here’s the link to make it safe for you to succeed.

P.S. If you’re already a Power Sanctuary member, this bundle is part of your membership and you can just login and access these healings right away.

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