Why Did I Crumble Under Pressure?

Have you ever prepared for an important event diligently – say an interview, presentation, or ‘difficult’ conversation – only for everything to fall apart when you get there?

I certainly have!

I remember one particular meeting when I’d spent ages preparing all my arguments, and I’d even practised how to say things. On the day of the meeting, I purposely chose a very professional outfit, wore ‘serious’ earrings, did some relaxing breathing exercises, and imagined myself assertively making my case.

I thought I had done everything I needed to do. At least I had done everything that conventional empowerment told me to do.

But then, alas, when my moment came, one of my colleagues butted in and talked over me, and I just shut down. I couldn’t say what I wanted to say. I didn’t manage to articulate any of my carefully crafted points. Instead, I just sat there – frustrated, seething, with that sickening flush of humiliation. This wasn’t me normally at all, but in that pressured moment, somehow I just couldn’t take back control.

Experiences like this made me believe there was something intrinsically wrong with my personality – that I was doomed to stay in the background if there were loud, aggressive, pushy individuals around.

I’d done all the conventional empowerment stuff, and instead of becoming more confident, I ended up feeling more inadequate!!

Why hadn’t it worked for me?

I now know the confidence techniques I’d learned didn’t even scratch the surface of the problem. I may have changed my beliefs, learnt assertive body language, and pushed myself out of my comfort zone, but there was a bigger, fundamental issue that nobody had talked about.

This was my inability to hold my power energetically.

Until this was corrected, It was impossible for me to hold enough power to project the authority and confidence I needed.
This is a problem of energy state – not belief, ability or behaviour.

My energy state at the time – just like many other women – was totally inadequate for the life I was living. I had no idea! I believed myself a capable, empowered woman.

Imagine trying to hold water in a sieve. Well, it would just pour straight through of course!

That’s what my energetic power system was like back then.

No matter how much power I tried to bring into my life, my system simply did not know how to hold it. I could not contain the power I needed to create the results I wanted.

I didn’t notice the problem until I put myself into high pressure situations. At those critical moments, when I needed more power to project authority, it just drained away, leaving me literally running on empty.

It’s no wonder I crumbled.

These key situations are what I call our ‘Achilles Heel’ situations. These are the meetings, conversations and interactions that define whether we receive respect, promotions, pay-rises, job offers, clients.

It doesn’t matter how competent we are overall, if we lose our power in those key situations, we are defined in that way – at our lowest power level. And dismissed accordingly!

On the other hand. You can actually train your system to hold its power, and stop that power drain. This completely shifts your performance, how you feel, and the message you project – precisely when you need it.

This can’t be done by belief changing. It can’t be done by body-language. It’s not about being aggressive or loud.
It requires you to identify those power drains in your subtle energy system, actually plugging them, and retraining your system to hold energy in a way it has never done before.

This is the secret to a SUSTAINED POWER that lasts beyond the moment, and HOLDS UP UNDER PRESSURE, no matter whom you’re dealing with.

This is how you become relaxed, confident and project authority in all situations.
This is how you say goodbye those humiliating moments, once and for all!

Anne xx

P.S. This is exactly what we do in Female Power Voice.
Message me if you’d like to be considered for the next live run.

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