Safe to Be Visible

We want success – we want a great career with a good salary and respect – we want to make an impact and make a difference.  In my two decades of helping women transform their confidence I’ve heard this so many times.

But there’s a big problem here.  If you ask most women, they don’t like being looked at.  This can be as simple as not wanting photos taken, and what’s the big deal about that?  If you take this further and look beneath the surface there can be something much more significant going on. 

If we are to take the lead in our lives and in the world – and fulfil those dreams of impact and influence – then we need to step into the spotlight.  This means giving the talks and being on the video.  This means people looking at us, whether we are young and or middle-aged.  This means people scrutinising what we say and do.  This means having our appearance commented on – it’s a sad truth that this is still the reality for women, being judged by our bodies instead of our minds.

At this point, we pull away, backtrack and start sabotaging.  Yes, we are happy to have success to a point, but when it comes to taking that next step, we don’t promote ourselves. Or if we do, we go into a half-hearted, push-pull which just isn’t as effective as the man pushing himself forwards and hogging the attention.

Under the surface we find not just our very valid resistance to how people might react to us, but a whole lot of ancient conditioning telling us we might be killed for showing our power.

But at the same time we know we’re good enough, and we desire that influence and success.  The result – deep frustration, stress, blocks, and us not fulfilling our potential or our dreams.  

So, what can we do about this?  

The first place to start is to release subconscious conditioning that tells us it’s just not safe for a woman to be seen – especially if she is gifted, brilliant and powerful.

Here is one of my favourite subconscious upgrade audios to help you do just that.  

Listen to the recording when you have time to relax, and let the sabotaging patterns be released from your mind, and get ready for the next level of impact.

Hope you enjoy it!

P.S.  If you enjoyed this, and want more, the next step is my ‘safe to succeed’ healing bundle.  

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