The Day That Changed Women’s Power Forever

March 14th, 2018 was a day I’ll never forget.  I was attending a big meeting in London. Nothing unusual there…

However, this was the first time in my life that I spoke up easily, feeling confident to be myself, holding the attention and commanding the room. It was the usual thing –  about 80% men all hogging the spotlight – interrupting any woman who tried to get a word in edgeways.

But this time, my experience of it was completely different. In the past, I’d have been pretty much invisible. Wanting to participate and shine, but not being able to speak up against those booming male egos.

What had changed?

I’d spent my whole life holding back, struggling to speak up in groups, and being unable to get the ball back when somebody interrupted or dismissed me. It was beyond frustrating!

I’d put it down to my character – I am naturally quite reserved – and I’d resigned myself to the fact that I just did not have what it took to assert myself in those situations. 

But the endless frustration of not being given the authority and credibility that was rightfully mine did not go away. 

So what had I changed? I obviously hadn’t changed my character. 

Well, this was the first day that I used my full power technique, under pressure, out in the field. (As every scientist knows a theory is just a theory until it’s put to the test in the real world!) I’d spent 17 years researching into the subconscious, analysing the patterns that hold women back, and developing radically new techniques to neutralise them. 

The final pieces had fallen into place, and it was ready to prove.

I pulled in my power, went through the energy ritual that anchored it in place, and felt that satisfying sensation of safety and entitlement slip into place.  Miraculously, the sickening feeling of anxiety did not come! Instead, I actually felt confident, relaxed, and truly myself. Something I had literally never experienced in my life before.

Several men did indeed interrupt me while I was speaking, (well I am a woman), but instead of losing the ball and being consigned to the background as had happened to me so many times in the past, that day, I just took the control back again. It felt natural and easy to hold that power. I commanded the room and loved every second of it. 

When those high-pressure moments came, I remained in control, truly powerful, and authentically myself, for the first time ever. 

I had not only shone in that meeting, I had enjoyed it!

That was the day I knew I’d discovered something game-changing for women. My power techniques had succeeded, far and away above my wildest expectations. 

When I left the meeting, I was literally walking on air. That was the day when I realised I had to get this knowledge out and share it – especially with the women who were breaking those boundaries, being the pioneers, and going up against the status quo.

‘Wow,’ I thought to myself, ‘this is what it feels like to be confident!’ 

This revelation is something all women deserve to experience for themselves – to BE powerful, rather than battling to get a word in edgeways – to have the ability to put down those sexist men or domineering women – easily and automatically…  

…To have the ability to neutralise that patriarchal cr*p wherever it rears its ugly head. To know exactly how to project an energy of credibility and authority that allows you to shine, no matter how dismissive those around you.  To be the powerful woman you’ve always wanted to be. 

My book, ‘Pull Back Your Power’ gained amazon bestseller status, and people began to ask me to show them how they could apply all those discoveries, and would I teach them personally.  

And so Female Power Voice Immersion was born!

It’s now three years since that amazing day. The original techniques have been honed and developed and women in professions from engineering, law, medicine, politics, the arts, finance, business and many more are experiencing what I did that day. 

And it’s so wonderful to receive comments like this one…


I have recently completed Anne’s Female Power Voice course aimed at helping career women in the workplace and it was excellent. It was really well designed and took you through the programme step by step to build up your understanding of the techniques that she was teaching and to get you using them on a daily basis.  The techniques are incredibly effective and I have seen positive results when using them very quickly. It has made a huge difference as to how I feel at work and how I react in challenging situations that I would have previously found very difficult. I am becoming far more confident, relaxed and trusting in my own skills and ability to do my job. The techniques that I have learnt are also very transferable to non-work situations and I am using them a lot more to create a little bit of magic in my life and help things to go my way!”


If you are a visionary woman who wants the ability to be powerful, and demolish any attempts to interrupt you, put you down, or treat you as inferior, then message me and I’ll get back to you with the next steps. 

Love and power!

Anne x


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