Ancient Powers For Modern Success

The Fantasy

Have you ever read a fantasy novel, and secretly wished you had the magical powers of a High Priestess, Sorceress or Magician and could transform any situation with a wave of your hand?  

Or maybe transmute it with violet flames shooting from your hands! 🤣

Wouldn’t it be just fantastic!

I confess there were times when I was in that engineering career, when I would have loved flames shooting from my hands!

Seriously though –  have you found yourself drawn to energy healing, female power workshops or psychic development, but then stopped yourself and dismissed it?

Or are you already doing those things ‘in the closet’, delighting in them, yet feeling you must keep this utterly separate from your career?

Because all that stuff is ‘woo’ and basically utter rubbish.  No credible, professional woman would give it the time of day, let alone see it as a serious option for her professional success.  Right?

Think again!

I propose the exact opposite – a world where these things are completely normal for high-achieving, professional women.

The Hidden Sketchbook

Let me tell you a story…

One of my aunties was born left-handed.  Unfortunately, she grew up at a time when this was frowned on. 

At primary school in the 1930’s, she actually had her left hand tied to the chair by the teacher, to force her to write with her right hand. I know it’s hard to comprehend now, but that’s really what happened.

When I knew her, she had the neatest writing – clear, regular and legible. 

I didn’t think anything of this, it looked so normal.

But then one day while playing in her workroom I discovered some artist sketchpads at the back of an old cupboard.  I opened them of course!  From those pages sprung the most wonderful drawings.  

‘Auntie, who drew these?,’ I asked her.  I remember she took me on her knee (I was still quite small at the time) took some paper and a pencil – in her LEFT hand – and started to draw.

I remember sitting there, transfixed.  Firstly, it looked so odd to me – I’d never seen anyone use a pencil with their left hand before!  But more importantly, the marvels that came from that pencil took me into another realm.

With that hand restrained, it could create nothing, and looked useless.

With that hand freed, a whole new world opened up that I had never imagined possible.

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Nobody would have known the beauty that hand could create until it was unbound.

Our Birthright

So how does that relate to women and our power?

Well, just because the teacher says something is forbidden and undesirable, and binds our hand, doesn’t mean that hand doesn’t still exist. 

We can untie that hand, and all the skills and talents within that hand can then be released to blossom.

Nobody in that classroom was permitted to be left-handed.  Yet, when my auntie was free to use her lefthand, it created the most beautiful works of art.

Was there anything dangerous about using her left hand?  Of course not.

There was simply a label and a rule which was normal for that time and place.

The same goes for a woman’s full power.  

Look back into the hidden history of women.  How many intuitive, psychic and powerful gifts had to be hidden away simply because the male status quo of the time was threatened and called them forbidden, and slapped a death sentence onto them.

Those powerful women of antiquity are your ancestors and mine!  We share their DNA.  We have their blood flowing through our veins.  

Their powers are our birthright too.

We now have the freedom and the ability to tap into that deep well of power, and bring it into our 21st century lives. Those time-honoured skills and gifts are not new. They aren’t some woo rubbish invented by new-age, barefoot women.  

Quite the contrary.  We are simply remembering everything that has been suppressed and forgotten for so long.

A Power Paradigm of Harmony and Balance

What does ‘woo’ really mean?  It’s just  something which currently cannot be pinned down by 3D eyes or described by a mathematical equation.  It’s something which is not controlled by the left brain!

The simple truth is this – our western education and patriarchal heritage haven’t allowed women in our era to discover just how profound, tangible and fierce this side of us is.

We’ve compensated, we’ve squashed ourselves to fit into the status quo. We’ve dismissed the feminine as weak and inferior and taken on a male energy to succeed. We’ve been forceful. Some of us have tried to access our forgotten power, but without the power foundation required to make this truly safe.

But even with the success we’ve achieved, one of our power-hands has been tied!

Bottom line – as yet, we have no idea the full value of that power when it is awakened, nurtured, accepted and integrated with our logical, analytical sides.

It’s time to remember everything it means to be a woman of power.  It’s not simply an assertive woman fitting herself into a man’s world. 

It’s a woman who is bringing her right brain into true partnership with the left, and reawakening an ancient heritage of womanhood.

This is what she is taking into the boardroom, the lecture theatre, the lab, or the government!

Imagine going through your normal day with a multi-dimensional, organic consciousness, instead of the 3D linear one.  Or put that another way, go through your day as the high priestess of ancient power, as well as the qualified woman of excellence.

We don’t need to obliterate anything with flames from our hands (no matter how tempting that might be on occasion). 

We have hidden power, as yet unawakened, that can be even more effective.  We can allow those powers to work in perfect harmony with the logical, the analytical and the conventional.

You don’t have to choose between allowing that powerfully female and intuitive side of yourself to blossom, and a credible career in the ‘real’ world!

(And you don’t need to dance barefoot in the woods, unless you want to!)

We can all have BOTH!

It’s like going from binary black and white to a full spectrum of rainbow colours.

And what about my male readers? Although the story is different for you, there is indeed forgotten multi-dimensional power that’s available to enhance your lives too – one which will enhance not only your conventional career, but also your wellbeing and your personal relationships. That’s the subject for another day.

If you have never considered subtle energy work as a valid option in your modern life, here’s a link to one of my favourite quantum healings. It works multi-dimensionally with your consciousness, bringing in energies to de-stress, de-frazzle and align. CLICK HERE  then relax and enjoy it!

Love and power!

Dr Anne x


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