PULL BACK YOUR POWER: The ground-breaking code for aspirational women

Female Leader

For high-achieving professional women,
breaking new ground in power,
authority and leadership.

Are  you  a  leader  in  your  field?

Are you an exceptional, high-achieving woman in a conventional male-dominated career? 

You’re a pioneer, a woman who wants to fulfil her highest potential in conventional careers of science, engineering, corporate, law, finance and medicine – especially in male-dominated environments.

And you’re a woman who knows she’s breaking new frontiers.  You’re inevitably coming up against the boys’ club, the status quo, the old school.  Gender bias has undermined you a million times on your journey this far – from being dismissed, interrupted, talked over, sexist jokes, to being taken for the secretary or a student when you were really the one in authority.

You’ve all had to put up with this!

Here’s the thing – the higher you go, the worse this gets.  You become more of a minority in those halls of power.  Those subtle (and not-so-subtle) put-downs become more aggressive.  You’re really threatening the ‘old guard’.  You’re there, blatantly female, showing that you are intrinsically brilliant – and what’s more, your way is different, fundamentally different.  Your very existence threatens those around you.  

It’s more than just your career…

You aren’t going to give up – you’re doing it for yourself and for all women.  To draw that line in the sand, and establish the new female power way as part of the default.  To make up for all those generations where women were confined to the kitchen without power or freedom.  This matters to you!  Trouble is, you feel fundamentally vulnerable deep inside.  You feel  unsafe, even while you courageously push forwards.

It’s  felt  like  a straitjacket

You just aren’t free to be yourself.

You have had to fit in with them, and in doing so, you’ve inevitably crushed parts of your brilliance. 

You’ve been a like a fresh-water fish trying to thrive in the sea – the environment just wasn’t made for you.

The further you go, the more you yearn to reconnect to those parts of yourself that have been forgotten – the deep ancient wisdom of your female ancestors – the organic creation process of female wisdom instead of the linear goal-orientated way which mistakes force for true power.

You don’t like to acknowledge the fact, but deep down you don’t feel safe.

You’ve seen other women crushed and having to leave their careers because of burnout, chronic fatigue, or they just couldn’t cope with the onslaught of toxicity any longer.  You’ve seen other women turn into clones of aggressive men, and become confrontational and hard themselves to get up the ladder of success.  You don’t like either of these choices, but you don’t see any alternative.

Isn’t this the price we have to pay for success?

You understand what’s happening – that you’re rocking the boat, threatening the deepest benchmarks of success and authority that the world has used for centuries, and the backlash you receive is inevitable.

There  is  another  way.

There’s been a key piece missing in your subconscious defenses. 

I can tell you that there is another way. If you work with me, you’ll get the ability to turn this dynamic completely on its head.

This means being able to call in, at will, a profound confidence supported by a true power foundation – so you actually feel safe, no matter how exposed you are and no matter how you threaten the boys’ club, and no matter how many glass ceilings you shatter. 

This means turning that old power dynamic on its head and feeling safe while you do it!

This means separating yourself from that toxic energy, those put-downs, insulting comments and dismissive attitudes, AND having the means of counteracting those effects so they just don’t affect you.

No longer censuring yourself a million times a day to fit in with the accepted norms, and instead holding your true female power and leadership, and feeling safe doing it. Being free to be yourself.

This means knowing you’re deep-down protected, and can defend yourself energetically,  even when you feel as if you’re going into the lion’s den.

If this is you, and you’re ready to commit to being the female leader you were born to be, then please fill in the application form and I’ll get back to you soon.


Investment for Female Power Leader Elite starts at £15,000

(If you’re a woman who wants to expand her leadership, impact and safety, but would prefer a group mastermind, I’ll be launching exactly this, later in the year. Please message me if you want to get on the waiting list!)

Ready  to  feel  safe  as  you  change  the  world?

If this is you, then click the link and fill in the online application. 

Once I’ve received your application, I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

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