Power Over Fear 

Online Empowerment Group

Navigate the Corona Crisis with Calm Clarity,

Help Ourselves Maintain Positive Mindset,
and Boost Wellbeing

Help Deactivate Group Fear

THURSDAYS at 1.30pm – 2.00pm UK Time

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Free, Online Empowering

The COVID-19 crisis is affecting everyone and causing uncertainty and fear which are making things worse for us all.
We are having to face things that we thought would never happen. This is inevitably taking its toll.

We can’t change the physical effects, but we can positively affect our mental and emotional wellbeing.  We can change how we react, and we can stop fear and panic from taking over and making things worse.

This is my expertise. I have 20 years of experience in releasing deep-seated fear, and magnifying personal power.

Now, I’m giving my time to create a positive online space for releasing stress and fear, and transforming our mindset so we can navigate this crisis in the best possible way.

This group is open to anyone  – both women and men.   If you want to release fear, reduce stress, and build a positive group consciousness to help us all through this crisis, then you are welcome.


Are you struggling?
Do you wish you could do something positive?

If you are feeling any of these things, then you will benefit from participating in my  ‘Power over Fear’ online group.

– Afraid and anxious for yourself, your family, your future?

– Appalled by how fear and panic are breeding and undermining society, but feel helpless to change this?

– Self-isolating, feeling alone and needing contact with others.

– Fearful and your imagination creating the worse case scenario?

– Wanting to do something to help and feel more in control?


How does it work?

Click on the button below to register. 

1) You will receive an email with a Zoom link.

2) You can access Zoom on your computer, or download an app to your phone or tablet.

3) On Thursday at 1.30pm, click the Zoom link and you will be part of the group.  All you need to do is relax and follow my instructions.

4) You’ll receive a link to the recording afterwards if you miss the live session.


I’ll be showing you how to empower yourself, what to do when you feel panicked, how to change the way you feel, and build a group consciousness of calm and stability to counteract the fears that are magnifying around us. 

You’ll learn how to PULL BACK YOUR POWER from fear.

Please note, the group sessions I am offering are designed to help mental and emotional wellbeing, and are NOT designed to help with physical illnesses of any kind.

Over the coming weeks, we will grow a new positive energy for the group consciousness. 

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Hi, I’m Anne

I’m an author, speaker, life alchemist, PhD scientist and expert in empowerment.

You’ll usually find me empowering women to overcome confidence blocks and defeat the unconscious bias.  

I was planning to spend these weeks giving talks about my new book, and teaching women how to Pull Back Their Power!

BUT these are exceptional days we are living through.

I have skills that will benefit everyone at this time, so I’m shelving my plans to help many people feel less anxious, less afraid and more in control.

The more we can a maintain a positive mindset, remain calm and magnify positivity, the better it will be for us all.


Do you need deeper empowerment?

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Ladies – do you need more intensive group support?

Interested in de-stressing energy clearings?

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