The Covid19 support group
has now finished
as we are coming out of lockdown.

However, now we have a new challenge – to rebuild and recreate our world.

The old energies and paradigms have broken down, not just in practicalities but in the deep-seated energies which have undermined so many people – women particularly – for millennia.

This leaves us with an opportunity – to step up and start actively creating the what we want for the world, instead of allowing the old structures to come back in.

If you are looking for the support, know-how and tools you need to step into your true power, release the patterns of the past, and create a new world, then you are in the right place!  

Click over to THE POWER SANCTUARY page and discover how you can free yourself to be truly powerful.

Now is the time to pull back our power and change the world. 
Are you in?

Hi, I’m Anne

I’m an author, speaker, life alchemist, PhD scientist and expert in empowerment.

My mission – to empower women to feel safe shining, standing out, achieving and doing whatever they want in life.  But to do this, we need to create the power foundation that’s been missing and free ourselves from generations of patriarchal conditioning.

My bestselling book “Pull Back Your Power” is the culmination fo my 25 years of life journey and research to uncover the hidden roots that hold women back, and find the solution.

If you want support from me, exclusive access to my subconscious power techniques is a community of like-minded women, then the Power Sanctuary is the place for you.   

Do you need deeper empowerment?

Want to learn about my Six Keys to Female Empowerment?

Ladies – do you need more intensive group support?

Interested in de-stressing energy clearings?

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