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This is the key that changed everything for me and many other women. 

When you use this technique, you shift the subtle balance of power between yourself and the world around you. Your subconscious mind immediately feels safer, releasing its ‘fight or flight’ response.
The result, your anxiety goes down, your confidence goes up, and those around you immediately receive a different subtle message from you, telling them you are now holding your power, and can’t be taken advantage of, or shouted down. You become your confident self!

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Dr  Anne  Whitehouse

I believe all women deserve success, security, freedom and fulfilment in life.  But at the moment, we often don’t get that.  Deep-seated hidden conditioning undermines us, and the legacy of the patriarchal past – still so prevalent in society – drags us back.

The result: struggle, stress, imposter syndrome, glass ceilings, burnout and exhaustion. This has to change! 

I went through all this myself, and lost my scientific career because I was trying to succeed in a system that just wasn’t designed to include me – a high-achieving woman. After 20 years of research I developed a six-key, ground-breaking code for women to break free of the hidden subconscious restraints that sabotage their wellbeing and block success, despite the freedoms of the 21st century. If you’ve read my book, ‘Pull Back Your Power’, you know about these life-changing techniques. 

This gift recording gives you the game-changer, the key that gives you back your power whenever you need it, in each meeting, confrontation and conversation.  Use it in all those situations that used to sap your confidence and voice, and magnify your power in a way you can really feel!

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Anne xx


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