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To help you skyrocket your confidence, release self-doubt, and activate your full female power without limits, for success, happiness and fulfilment.


I’m delighted you’re here. This is The Power Sanctuary, a revolutionary online empowerment club for women who are ready to find out how powerful they really are.

This is where you’ll learn how to activate the powers you have been suppressing, free yourself from the blocks and limits that have dragged you back, and help you to create the success, freedom, financial security and achievement you deserve in life.

Why do other empowerment approaches fall short? Because they don’t realise women are undermined by a lack of power foundation. Without this, you’ll always be at a disadvantage, you’ll always be running on empty.  

In The Power Sanctuary, you’ll create your own power foundation, so that you feel supported and safe standing out and shining. We work with my Six Keys to Female Empowerment, to change our operating system on the deepest level, and shifting the power dynamic of your life.

Whether you’re a high-flying professional, a woman just starting out on her career, or a woman who wants to open up her life to love and opportunity, The Power Sanctuary will help you to reach your goals.

With a library of my powerful clearings in our membership site, monthly live webinars, a supportive community and facebook group, together we are creating a new world where women can truly be ourselves and fulfil our potential.

Are  you  ready  to  get  started?

I’ve helped hundreds of women transform their lives over the last two decades.  
I’m looking forward to helping you do the same.

Who  is  this  for?

Do you feel undermined because of your background, gender, partner, family, ancestry or life-experience? 

Do you feel blocked by glass ceilings and ‘the boys’ club’? Do you feel that you can’t shine and stand out as much as you want to because it doesn’t feel safe?

Do you struggle with imposter syndrome, low confidence, burnout and anxiety?  Do you struggle to stand up for yourself? Or alternatively, you do speak up, but then get attacked?

If you have answered ‘yes’ to any of these, you are being held back by your lack of power foundation, and the obsolete patriarchal operating system that’s still running under the surface of society.

Do  you  want  to 
Pull  Back  Your  Power?

In my book ‘Pull Back Your Power’ I introduce the Six Keys to Female Empowerment, the system I’ve spent twenty years developing. 

Working by yourself, you can only get so far. To get the really big life-shifts, you need to work with these keys deeply in our subconscious minds.  This is the purpose of The Power Sanctuary.  We are working to change that obsolete operating system and reprogramme a foundation that supports women’s freedom and achievement. 

If you’ve read ‘Pull Back Your Power’ and want more, then The Power Sanctuary is for you.


Book  Publication  Special!

To celebrate the publication of my book, I’m offering a special membership rate of £33 a month, for a limited time.

Let’s start that life transformation…
It’s time to pull back our power and keep it!

Together we work on building our power foundation in four essential areas, the four pillars we need for success – Life Power, Money Power, Leadership Power and Love Power.  You’ll find resources to help you deal with confrontation, anger, speaking up, family issues, being seen and heard, money issues, aligning with your life purpose, developing your gifts and much much more.

Click on the images below to find out more about these four pillars of power.

When you join, you will receive…

using Anne’s unique empowerment techniques PULL BACK YOUR POWER™ and FEMALE POWER ALCHEMY™.   You won’t find these techniques anywhere else. This is at a fraction of the price if you were to have individual one-to-one sessions with Anne.


to get individual support in our closed Facebook group or Zoom, get your questions answers and blocks cleared.  Anne will be available online in the group to help you with your individual issues twice a month.


every month on ZOOM. This is invaluable for getting your individual blocks and issues looked at by Anne.

All calls recorded and posted in our membership site, so you can listen whenever you wish

SUPPORTIVE COMMUNITY connect with other women dedicated to breaking through limits and fulfilling their potential through the Six Keys of Female Empowerment.

Together we are so much stronger. 

"The Power Sanctuary" has made such a difference

“The Power Sanctuary has made such a difference tome.  Over the months since I joined, I have found myself more confident, speaking up with my husband and in-laws in a way I never could before. I really feel more empowered. I love the monthly healings, and it’s great that we can have some one to one time  with Anne on our live calls.  I didn’t realise how much I was fighting against in my life before, I just felt so blocked.  All that is now shifting for me. I can’t recommend The Power Sanctuary highly enough!”

"Highly recommended!"

“I had been working with Anne one to one, but after our sessions finished, I really wanted something more to keep me on track.  When Anne suggested The Power Sanctuary, I wasn’t sure whether it was for me. However, my fears were soon put to rest. I love the relaxing energy clearings, they often put me to sleep, in a good way! These focus on different issues each month, and we are working to change our deep-seated reactions. Since I joined I have definitely felt the benefits. I am a lot less stressed than I was, and I am feeling very much more powerful in my life. This is particularly evident at work where I need to deal with men a lot and used to struggle to speak up against them, especially in meetings – I am now standing up for myself much more than I used to. I can really feel myself progressing on my journey to empowerment.  Thank you so much Anne.”

"So convenient for me"

“I work long hours as a solicitor, and as a mother of young children too there never seemed to be any time to do anything for myself.  What I love about The Power Sanctuary is that I can access everything through the membership site at any time, when it actually suits me and fits in with my schedule. I often feel that I’m up against the status quo of entrenched male power in my career, and it used to feel like such a battle – always such a struggle.  Now that I understand I’ve been trying to succeed without a power foundation, everything nowmakes sense. It’s great that I now have the tools and support I need to free myself from all that archaic stuff and make my own foundation. I pull back my power often in  my work, and I can feel the power shifting back towards me.  Brilliant!  Every woman who wants to succeed needs this!”

"Great value and it really works"

“I really wanted to shift my life and get past some long-standing blocks and limitations. However, I didn’t have the finances for an individual package of healing. Anne suggested that I join The Power Sanctuary instead. I really am so glad that I took the plunge. The healings we receive in our live calls and in the recorded resources feel very powerful, it has really made a difference to my life. The Power Sanctuary evenings are now a highlight for me. Thank you Anne x”

How  Does  It  Work?

When you sign up, you’ll receive an email containing your login details to our exclusive membership site.  Inside, you’ll find a welcome audio healing waiting for you.  Then you can browse through the library and start your transformation journey.

Then each month, the latest resource will be uploaded into the site, ready to build your power foundation. In addition, you’ll receive invitations by email to all of the LIVE webinar healings, energy clearings and group coaching.

Your  questions…

Do I have to know anything about the subconscious mind or energies to part of The Power Sanctuary?

Absolutely not!  The techniques and trainings I be offering designed to be powerful and effective for everyone. All you need to do to get the benefit is to relax and listen. You don’t need any training,  you don’t need any special gifts. All you need is the motivation to invest a bit of time in yourself, your wellbeing and your life, PLUS an open mind. I intend to push the barriers of what the conventional world believes is possible!

What is the benefit of a monthly membership?

There is lots of benefit! Firstly, all the resources I create for The Power Sanctuary are designed to be more powerful the more you repeat them.  The clearings are designed to work deep in your subconsious mind and in your body and in your consciousness patterns. You can’t just change these things dramatically in one go, but over time you can get huge transformations. Also, many women find that they get dragged back down again each time they try to move forwards with their lives because the people around them are stuck in the old energies and less abundant vibrations, being part of a high vibration community helps you keep on track moving upwards.

Why are you offering a membership programme?

Over the years I’ve helped many women transform their lives, but I just can’t see everyone one-to-one who wants and needs my help.  Also, the investment needed for intensive one-to-one time with me isn’t possible for many people.  By creating a membership programme, you will be able to access the same healing and transformational techniques I use with my private clients at a fraction of the investment. Not only is the healing just as effective, but the group energy actually magnifies the energy.

You are 'Dr Anne' but not a medical doctor. What does that mean?

‘Dr’ is my correct title because I have a higher degree, Doctor of Philosophy. This means that I have spent years doing original scientific research. The analytical skills and scientific approach I developed during those years are what I used to analyse the patterns I found disempowering women’s on the subconscious level. A medical doctor’s degree is completely different.

How can I learn these techniques for myself?

If you love the way my clearings shifts your blocks and makes you feel more powerful in your everyday life, then the next step is to sign up for my Cinderella Bootcamp® online programme.  Cinderella Bootcamp will teach you life alchemy techniques you can use on yourself to empower your life.

If you want a more gentle environment where you just listen and receive whenever it is convenient for you, and get that online support, then The Power Sanctuary is for you.

I've already done Cinderella Bootcamp® is it worth me joining The Power Sanctuary?

Absolutely!  You’ve got lots of techniques and understanding from the Bootcamp, but it’s great to be kept on track and receive more regular healings to support you as you move forwards in your life.

What if I change my mind?

No problem, you can leave at any time.  Just send us an email and we’ll get it sorted, and will cancel your subscription from the next payment date.

How do recorded clearings work?

The recordings direct your own mind to make changes, so you just have to listen to get all the benefit. Similarly, if you miss a live webinar and listen to the recording it is just as powerful as being there at the time.

Can I keep the resources if I decide to leave?

No, you only keep unlimited access to the growing Aladdin’s Cave of life alchemy resources while you are a member.

Will being a member of The Power Sanctuary help my health?

My life alchemy techniques are designed to shift your mental and emotional response to life in an effective way. They are totally compatible with all conventional medical treatments, and mindset and empowerment is very important when you are dealing with physical health issues. HOWEVER, I do not offer medical diagnosis or treatment of any kind and the resources I create DO NOT treat medical conditions.

You mention healing sometimes, what does that mean?

The term ‘healing’ covers many different techniques, but the word means ‘to make whole’. In The Power Sanctuary, we are utilising several things – the fact that everything is made of energy and everything is connected, the power of your conscious mind, and the natural energy field of our body. In our group sessions, I facilitate guided and focused visualisations using my life alchemy techniques. In this way, you will be able to change programming within your own mind.  You are in control at all times.

Is it good to listen to the recordings more than once?

Definitely! All my clearings will give you more benefit over time. When we have big blocks and major sabotage to release, especially when this comes from generational conditioning and big life experiences, these things need to be released in layers. This is the way you get lasting and deep transformation. The more you use the healings in The Power Sanctuary, the more benefit you will receive.

Become a Member Today and Pull Back Your Power 

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