Online Business De-Stress Kit

Online Business De-Stress Kit


Standing out online is essential for your business, but so often self-doubt, overwhelm, tech stress and visibility fears hold you back.

Just knowing what needs to be done is only half the story. If you’re going to truly shine online, you need to control the inner game too. I can help you do this.

Based on 20 years of experience, my Online Business De-stress Kit contains powerful, yet gentle, resources that work with your subconscious mind to free you from hidden conditioning that undermines confidence. The kit contains three audios – release overwhelm,  you are good enough, and release visibility fears.


Dr Anne Whitehouse 

P.S. Never listen to these resources while driving. P.P.S. These materials are © Dr Anne Whitehouse and are not for resale.

Dr Anne Whitehouse is the author of ‘Pull Back Your Power’, PhD Scientist turned power alchemist, FRSA and subconscious transformation expert and success coach.  She works with high-achieving women helping them ditch imposter syndrome and awaken their full power.

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