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You Want to
Change the System!

You’re an achiever, a woman with purpose.

You want to shine, succeed and prove yourself. You want love, fulfilment and financial security. But instead you’ve had stress, anxiety, burnout, imposter syndrome, low confidence, the unconscious bias and the boys’ club.  It’s been a constant struggle, a battle!

You know you’re being undermined, but in the eyes of the world, everything looks fine.

You know something is off. You feel sabotaged, but you can’t put your finger on why. You’re walking through treacle. You’re shouting but nobody hears you.  You’re invisible, despite your achievements.

You blame yourself – but there’s nothing wrong with you!

You’re  not  alone.  Many  women  feel  this  way.

History is Against You

You’ve been struggling against a system made by men, for men.

Women have only had opportunity for a few short years, compared to millennia of male power. This hasn’t been enough to create the power foundation you need to thrive.  Deep-seated patriarchal conditioning still sits in our world, and in our subconscious minds. It whispers that what we want is forbidden. It imposes hidden limits on our achievements without us realising it. It drags us back as we push forwards.

You’ve been suppressing your true power to fit into a world that wasn’t made for you.

The default of our world is still male. Those benchmarks weren’t designed to include you. Until those benchmarks change, you, as a woman, just don’t fit.  So you subconsciously judge yourself ever more harshly. You push yourself to destructive perfectionism, your confidence undermined. You doubt your abilities. You aren’t free to be yourself. You aren’t whole. This is what I’m here to help you with.

You thought you were empowered, but you were running on empty.

It’s NOT about blaming men – it’s simply that the energies of the status quo just don’t fit modern women.

We  achieve, but  there’s  a  cost

Imagine  who  you’ll  be  when  you’re  truly  free  to  shine.

But The World That Held Us Back Is Gone 

The coronavirus crisis has changed everything – there’s loss, but also rebirth.

Our world will be reborn, and this is our opportunity to create a new paradigm of balance and true equalityBut we must first free ourselves from the hidden limits and create the power foundation we’ve been lacking.

I have spent twenty years developing the process that enables you to do exactly this, my

History has deprived women of a power foundation, and without one you will always be at a disadvantage – running on empty.  This is where women’s empowerment has fallen short in the past, nobody understood what was missing…until now.

Whatever you’ve achieved in life up till now, just imagine what you’ll achieve when you’re free to be yourself, when you feel safe being visible with your female power fully activated.

Imagine  who  you’ll  be  when  you’re  truly  free  to  shine.

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Get the book that took 20 years to research!

“Pull Back Your Power”

The Ground-Breaking Code to Unlocking
Profound Confidence and Soaring Success for Aspirational Women

Have you ever been in a situation where you’ve felt invisible?
Have you ever found yourself expected to serve tea, in a room where you are actually ‘the expert’?

Did you believe that if you got an education and worked hard you could fulfil your potential, only to find yourself undermined by low confidence, anxiety, exhaustion, struggle, imposter syndrome and glass ceilings?

You are not alone. Many women have experienced this. And there was nothing they could do about it. Until now…

Through a ground-breaking revelation of what is really holding women back, ‘Pull Back Your Power’ offers aspirational women a release from the restraints that block success, so they can banish self-doubt, defeat the unconscious bias, and shine effortlessly.

It’s time to break out of invisibility and activate your true female brilliance. It’s time to Pull Back Your Power! 

Meet Anne

As a woman who’s been been crushed in the boys’ club, and lost my academic career and health as a result, I know exactly how it feels to struggle in a system that wasn’t designed to include me.

I’m an author, speaker, life alchemist, PhD scientist, FRSA, wife and mother, and above all I’m a passionate empowerer of women. I have a doctorate in metallurgy from Cambridge University, I’m not a medical doctor.

I bridge the gap between the scientific, the subconscious and the subtle energetic

I’ve been through burnout, chronic fatigue, and the devastating death of my daughter. I learnt how to analyse the deep roots of my reaction, transform those experiences, and reclaim my life, happiness and fulfilment again. 

For two decades, I’ve helped women activate their suppressed female power, both in the workplace, and in their personal relationships – transforming the way they react in situations that used to sap their confidence and voice.

I’ve helped many professional high-flyers succeed in the boys’ club, teaching them to hold their own energetically, and achieve without the personal cost I suffered. I’ve helped women overcome trauma, reclaim their power after abuse, and embrace 21st century freedom, even if they come from cultures that traditionally hold them back

I’m a pioneer, and I’m not afraid to break the boundaries!
My multi-dimensional approach, and ground-breaking system, are unique.

Let me show you how powerful you really are.

Together we go way beyond mindset and simple belief changing. I will teach you techniques to transform your power response to life – in a nutshell, you will be creating the power foundation that makes it feel safe to be brilliant.

You won’t find my revolutionary Life Alchemy Techniques anywhere else.

Ready To Dive In?

If you’re ready to defeat the unconscious bias, skyrocket your confidence, and discover just how amazing you can be, then I can give you the tools to achieve.  All you need is to open your mind and take a quantum leap in the way you look at the world – then you can do this!

Here are the ways you can work with me

The Power Sanctuary

Online Empowerment Club & Community

If you’re ready to free yourself from that hidden patriarchal conditioning that’s been sabotaging your success and happiness, release your limitations, empower your life using my unique Life Alchemy techniques, and have support of like-minded women in our community, then the Power Sanctuary is for you. 

With monthly exclusive empowerment clearings, live webinars for coaching and mentoring, and a library of powerful resources, The Power Sanctuary is a new kind of women’s empowerment. Together we create the energetic power foundation we need to thrive and achieve in the world.

Working with my unique techniques and the six keys of female empowerment, you won’t find this level of targeted transformation anywhere else.

Game-Changing Talks and Workshops

The Tools Women Need to Level the Playing Field for Success

Women don’t have the tools and understanding they need to succeed without, being undermined.  The pattern of high-achieving women getting out into the world, and then being dragged back by stress, burnout, lack of confidence, chronic fatigue and glass ceilings is well established.  This needs to stop.

Women need this knowledge at the start of their careers, before the damage has been done.  I offer talks and hands-on workshops for your school, college or company.  Please get in touch to discuss your individual requirements.

Everyone benefits when women are able to fulfil their true potential.  This is my mission!  If you would like me to speak to your group, please send me an enquiry.

Cinderella Bootcamp® 

Online Course for Busy Women

If you want to release the past and create your power foundation, but have a busy life, then my online signature programme, Cinderella Bootcamp®  could be for you.  Why Cinderella? Because Cinderella went from invisible to shining.

Trainings, energy clearings, healing and empowerment, all in a convenient membership site. Unlimited time to complete the programme and indefinite access to the materials. All this presented in a fun, fairy tale magic metaphor!

It’s game-changing empowerment for the busy woman.

Life Alchemy & Mentoring for Exceptional Women

One to One with Anne

Maybe you have traumatic experiences that need individual attention, or maybe you’re a leader ready to step up and take yourself to the next level.

Together we take a deep dive into your past, bringing back your power from those who took it away or placed limits on you. If you’re ready to do the deep work, then this could be for you.

If you want a really deep transformation, and are ready to invest in your future, then one of my one to one programmes might be for you.

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Connect  With  Me

The movement is growing!

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Success Stories

"Cinderella Bootcamp Is Excellent"

“Cinderella Bootcamp is excellent. It is easy to follow and use but incredibly powerful. Support is almost instantaneous when you need guidance and the answer provided to resolve it. The coaching sessions are invaluable too as we all benefit from them and it propels us forward when we are feeling stuck.

Anne’s support is amazing, she is always there as if by magic and constant checking up on us to make sure we are progressing. The whole experience was outstanding, and the calls where Anne does the training live were the highlight of my week. I now use the power exercises each day and bring in my team to support me. I feel like I have more authority in all areas of my life and change the energy of situations if I feel out of control.

Anne is a mentor, teacher and our spiritual guide. Her unique pioneering work is unlike anything else I have experienced and she is discovering things that nobody else has even thought about. This makes her work exceptional. She is breaking through the barriers to give us the life and happiness we all deserve but have struggled to achieve without her magic!”

"I am so impressed with the results"

“I have never been so grateful to one person as I am to Anne Whitehouse.  Signing up with Anne was one of the best decisions I have ever made!  The transformation in every single part of my life, and in myself, over the last 12 weeks is insane.

I now no longer feel stressed out by everything that happens to me, no matter how big or small, and I am the happiest I have been in years.  I can use all the tools Anne taught me to bust through any blocks I come up against and for the first time in ages feel like I can stand on my own two feet!

I have made huge progress towards starting my own business and I am so impressed with the results that I am signing up for another 12 weeks programme.  Thank you Anne!”

"Bootcamp Has Put Me On A Journey Of Self-Mastery"

“The Bootcamp has put me on a journey of self discovery and self mastery. I have air tools at my fingertips thanks to Anne and her teachings and feel now it’s up to me to begin to use them. With the healings their were instant hanged in that I felt profound shifts but feel I have a lot of self help work to do on a daily basis to really make it work. The whole programme has been excellent from the teaching, to the slides and homework and audio help. The training was amazing! very insightful and thorough. Easy to follow and simple to use.  Anne was fantastic. She answered all questions and queries, and explained things really well. I felt very supported throughout my journey.

Definitely helped to understand my blocks and I now have a wide range of tools to help me overcome them. It’s begun a big shift in my energy and thinking process. I feel less stuck in past old fashioned beliefs.

I’m so pleased I did it and would highly recommend it to anyone else seeking self mastery on many levels.”

“Cinderella Bootcamp Was Absolutely Amazing"

“Cinderella Bootcamp was absolutely amazing. Anne’s support was fantastic and inspiring. The healings, and understanding the 3 pillars, really eye opening!

I definitely feel more empowered. It becomes easier to act once you understand your underlying motivations and why things have been the way they have been. It has given me so much to think about and has made me feel like I am standing on a much stronger foundation.

I was more than ready to take my learning to the next level, and Anne did it perfectly. The sequencing of teaching, then being taken through the technique practically before finally having the appropriate healing was fantastic. I felt I really learnt and fully understood the tools given to us. That, and the content of the course itself, has already made me feel so much more powerful and in control of my life.

Anne, you have got the formula spot on. The mix of theory and practical means that it has, and will continue to stay with me.”

"I Have Stepped Into A Whole New Energy"

Anne you were amazing! Just knowing that you were there if I needed you made the biggest difference to me. It created a comfort blanket for me to deal with some of the biggest and scariest things I have had to face and deal with. So, thank you so much from the bottom of my heart!

I have stepped into a whole new energy. I have loved discovering myself as a brand new person every day and knowing that I am raising my vibration and therefor the vibration of my life. My whole energy and future feels brighter, lighter and so much more fun to be in. I truly feel honoured and blessed to be living into the life that I am now living into.

I went from living in constant fear and anxiety, drinking regularly, eating unhealthily and just feeling like I was on the edge of a nervous breakdown to living with less anxiety, knowing my worth and value and feeling like I have a choice and a say in the matter. I no longer put myself into situations that don’t align with who I am and that stress me out.

"Wow, what an experience!"

“I have been working with Anne one to one for the last three months. Wow what an experience this continues to be!

Anne and I have tapped into many of my blocks and beliefs and past traumas which have held me back.

We have worked together to make sense of the impact these have had in my life and have been able to release many old patterns. This has enabled me to move in the direction I have wanted my life to take for some time now without the fears and beliefs that have kept me stuck.

My confidence levels and self belief are at an all time high. When I come across negativity I have the tools to work through these without getting sucked into old ways.

Anne is truly a healer. A true inspiration. She has come into my life at a time when I needed her most…Thank you.“

Ready to Ditch

Unlock Profound Confidence & Soaring Success!

There’s nothing wrong with you – there never was! You’re more than good enough. Good enough to shine, to lead and make a difference. The truth is that women are undermined day in, day out, by the legacy of patriarchal attitudes, assumptions and the energies of our world.

Struggling against this holds us back, sabotages our confidence, our achievement, our success and our wellbeing.

I believe we can change this together.

It ‘s  time  to  pull  back  your  power!

Let’s Create A New World!

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