The Ultimate

Stress Antidote

for WOMEN who want to SHINE

Visionary  Women!

I have specially created this energy clearing to release stress, anxiety and tension from your mind and body.   It’s based on years of helping both my clients and myself to go from overwhelm to calm clarity.

This recording works deeply with your brainwaves, helping you to release the patterns that are triggering your body’s stress mechanisms, and helping you to relax and regain your balance, clarity and focus.


Dr Anne Whitehouse 

P.S. Never listen to these resources while driving.

P.P.S. These materials are © Dr Anne Whitehouse and are not for resale. By listening to this recordings you agree to honour the copyright, and that you are responsible for all your decisions and actions afterwards. They are completely compatible with all conventional and alternative therapies and treatments, they do not replace seeing your doctor. 

Dr Anne Whitehouse is the author of ‘Pull Back Your Power’, PhD Scientist turned power alchemist, FRSA and subconscious transformation expert and success coach.  She works with high-achieving women helping them ditch imposter syndrome and awaken their full power.

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