It’s time to transcend the boys’ club!

Pull Back Your Power

“Magical and
Utterly Compelling”

“Pull Back Your Power is exciting, riveting reading. With brilliantly clear guidance and an engaging style that will have you hooked from the first page. It sets out precise and empowering steps for any woman who has been through the bewildering experience of being held back, blocked or thwarted in any aspect of her life or career.”

Have you ever been in a situation where you’ve felt invisible?

Have you ever found yourself expected to serve tea,
in a room where you are actually ‘the expert’?

Did you believe that if you got an education and worked hard you could fulfil your potential, only to find yourself undermined by low confidence, anxiety, exhaustion, struggle, imposter syndrome and glass ceilings?

You are not alone. Many women have experienced this. And there was nothing they could do about it.


Through a ground-breaking revelation of what is really holding women back, Pull Back Your Power offers aspirational women a release from the restraints that block success, so they can banish self-doubt, defeat the unconscious bias, and shine effortlessly.

Read this book and learn how to:

  • Pull back your power in any situation, reducing anxiety and skyrocketing your confidence

  • Understand Female History Syndrome – and how it could be holding you back
  • Overcome blocks and glass ceilings, to be free of old limitations and gender conditioning
  • Magnify your power, so you can effortlessly deal with
    confrontation, harassment and stressful situations
  • Thrive and succeed in the ‘Boys’ Club’

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About the Author

Dr Anne Whitehouse is a PhD scientist turned life alchemist and confidence expert. Anne studied at Jesus College, Cambridge University, graduating a scholar and multiple prize-winner with a first class honours.  She won the 1990 Royal Charter Prize awarded by the Institute of Metals, then went on to gain a PhD in metallurgy and a post-doctoral research fellowship. By 1996 she was a high-flying University Lecturer in engineering.

In this environment, she came up against the ‘Boys’ Club’ and suffered stress, anxiety and burnout. She then embarked on a quest to understand what had caused her extreme reaction in a career for which she was eminently qualified.

After 20 years of research Anne developed a six-key, ground-breaking code for women to break free of the hidden subconscious restraints that sabotage their wellbeing and block success, despite the freedoms of the 21st century. This life-changing process is described in her impactful best-selling book, Pull Back Your Power.


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