The Zone Show interview with author Tom Evans

In Anne’s conversation with Tom Evans, they discuss why, especially in these strange days, it’s time for the sorceresses to emerge not only to help us create a new world, but to bring men along too for the ride. Find out too why a good fairy tale is a the perfect metaphor to convey deep wisdom.


Fierce, Fearless & Female with Gudrun Cartwright

Episode 5 – on taking our power back in a man’s world, learning to know we are OK and developing our own uniquely feminine ways to lead.

Listen to the episode here

Talk Radio interview on the Matthew Wright show

Matthew and Anne discuss burnout and the hidden subconscious programmes that undermine women in society, despite equal opportunities.

Metro Mentally Yours Podcast

In this Podcast, Anne chats with Yvette Caster about burnout, imposter syndrome and the weird and wonderful workings of the subconscious. 

This Girl Puts Out

with Karmell Macoretta Murphy

On This Girl Puts Out episode #6, we discuss female confidence with Dr. Anne Whitehouse, author of ‘Push Back Your Power’, a PhD scientist, women’s success coach and subconscious healing specialist.   Following her burnout in the ‘boys’ club’ world of engineering, she developed a pioneering system that frees women from the toxic energies of the status quo, so they can speak up, level the energetic playing field, and succeed without being undermined or sacrificing their feminine energy. 

Listen to the episode here

Conversations with the Divine Feminine – Podcast by Diana Adamko

This is a powerful conversation all about feminine power.

Listen to the episode here

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