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One aspect of my work I absolutely love, is sharing my discoveries and power tools with young women – whether still at school, university, or just starting out in their careers.

The way to get genuine change in the world, is to empower women to overcome the confidence gap, the authority gap, and this means giving them more tools to counteract these problems directly.

If you’re interested in a talk or hands-on workshop, please get in touch.

So I’ve asked Anne to come speak at two of my events now – why…? Well there are a few reasons why
1. Anne REALLY knows her stuff! She literally lives and breaths her message
2. What she knows is powerful and EVERY WOMAN needs this understanding
3. Anne wants to change the world as do I, that makes partnering with her not just enjoyable but mission driven and purposeful.

I wholeheartedly recommend Dr Anne Whitehouse as a presenter of world changing ideas that help women heal, pull back their power and lead important meaningful change.

Dion Johnson

The Womanologist

I have seen Dr Whitehouse speak twice now, once to an audience of older teenage girls, and once to their parents’ generation. Her thesis, although simple to contemplate, is the result of twenty years’ scientific research and is invaluable to my generation (50s) in that it explains why things have gone wrong for women, and to my daughter’s generation (late teens) to equip them with the tools to recognise how to deal with the female history syndrome which hitherto held us back. Dr Whitehouse’s toolkit is invaluable to the rising generation, and delivered in an erudite, yet easy to assimilate, way. The rising generation needs to know these things – and so do their parents (especially their fathers!)

Polly Beidas

Development and Landor Association Administrator, King's High School for Girls, Warwick

Dr Whitehouse was a guest speaker for Accelerated Global Connections, a National Networking organization in the USA and presented on how men and women have deep rooted cultural ties influencing their abilities to succeed. The research she has conducted and lived through spoke directly to the hurdles both men and women face internally when it comes to self-beliefs and succeeding in business.

The feedback from our audience was exceptional and many expressed gratitude for showing them that they are not alone and shedding light on what they can do to move past those internal cultural ties.

Her vibrant speaking style, genuine passion for her topic, and the care she took to provide value to our audience was evident throughout her presentation. She was engaging, and thought-provoking all while showing pathways to moving ahead in life and business.

In my book, she is an A+ presenter! I highly recommend Dr. Anne as a keynote speaker for any corporate or business event!

Amy Theisen

Owner Infinity Life Design

True Story Festival

A new stage, for a new age.  Legend Within is about communicating the profound, but through the heart of true story.  I was very proud to be invited to speak at this inaurugal event.

“Following her own burnout in The Boys’ Club world of engineering, this Scientist turned Female Power Alchemist developed a pioneering system that frees women from the toxic energies and double standards of the status quo. You can read how to free yourself in her book “Pull Back Your Power – the ground-breaking code to unlocking profound confidence and soaring success for aspirational women”. When you feel lack of confidence, anxiety, imposter syndrome and ‘off the scale’ stress, it’s not because you’re inadequate!  It’s because you’re amazing!”

AGC Talks

What if having imposter syndrome is proof of your abilities and your success?  That would change everything!  Well in this talk I show you that this is precisely the case, and show you how this fact can completely change the way you feel when you put yourself and your work out into the world. 

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High resolution imagery is available on request.  Dr Anne Whitehouse is available for interview.

Copies of the book Pull Back Your Power (published by Rethink Press at £12.99) are available for review.

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