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The Secret to Magnifying Your Power in Any Situation
so you can
Speak Up, Feel Your Worth & Get Noticed!

I hope you enjoyed my podcast conversation with Janice and Neha on Culturally Speaking.

This free training will get you started on empowering your success on that deepest level.

Maybe you want to rise up to the top of your profession and be a role model.  Maybe you want to break through the barriers of gender, race or social class.  Maybe you have a vision for a business that can change the world for the better.

BUT so often lack of confidence, feeling not good enough, feeling like an imposter can block our dreams, not only stopping us in our tracks, but undermining our wellbeing, and our prosperity too.

Also, if you decide to go further with me, and sign up for my Female Power Voice training, as a podcast listener, I’m giving you a gift of £100 off the full price of the training.   To claim this, just quote this code CulturallySpeaking2020 when you register.

Here’s the thing – you don’t have to keep feeling like a fraud or change your character to have the success you deserve. 

You can realise your career dreams, without the constant inner struggle or the personal cost.

See you on the other side.

Love and female magic!


Dr Anne Whitehouse
Author & Female Power Alchemist


  • The secret to turning that  ‘not good enough’ feeling on its head, and really feeling your value.

  • Why the conventional empowerment techniques you’ve learnt in the past have still left you running on empty.

  • What’s really happening when you can’t speak up and your confidence drains away when you want to shine, AND how you can change this, without changing your personality.

  • The secret to using your true ‘magic’ to feel powerful in any situation – changing not only how you feel, but how others react to you.


  • I’ll share with you my first powerful tool you can start using right now to change your power dynamic with the world

  • Over the next few days, I’ll be sharing with you some powerful and exclusive tools and healings for you to take control of your own subconscious ‘beast’.

Are you ready to realise your career dreams without the inner struggle or the personal cost?

Dr Anne Whitehouse is the author of ‘Pull Back Your Power’, PhD Scientist turned power alchemist, FRSA and subconscious transformation expert and success coach.  She works with high-achieving professional women and entrepreneurs, helping them ditch imposter syndrome and awaken their full power.

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