Deep Restful Sleep – 60 Minute Healing Meditation

60 minutes of deep healing to calm your brainwaves, release stored stress and help you sleep better over time.

As you listen, your brain waves are gently taken down into the alpha/theta frequency range. Channelled healing energies are programmed to release past and present stress from your cells, enabling your mind and body to relax deeply.

The more you listen to it, the more benefit you will receive.

WHAT YOU RECEIVE – 60 minute energy healing in a convenient MP3 format.

HOW TO USE THE HEALING – You can listen to the MP3 healings on your phone or laptop, or download the healing file onto your laptop. Listen to it while relaxing, put it on as you fall asleep. DO NOT listen to this while driving as it will make you drowsy!

HOW DOES IT WORK – This is a deep energy healing using frequencies which lift and release the patterns, stories and traumas which underlie our everyday stress, and which undermine our ability to sleep. Not only that, but it is carefully programmed with theta frequencies which help you to relax.

HOW TO GET IT – Click the link to put your secure payment through. You will then receive an email giving you access to your healing.

DISCLAIMER – I cannot guarantee that this healing will send you to sleep, but it will relax your brainwaves, and it uses powerful healing techniques which will release stress from your mind and body which promotes sleep.



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