Energy Clearings

A powerful selection of my favourite subconscious mind healings for empowerment and wellbeing…

What are these?

Over the last twenty years, I’ve specialised in freeing people from subconscious blocks, enabling them to move forwards, creating the lives they really want. I’ve trained in a number of powerful modalities, as well as developing unique clearing techniques of my own.

Here are a selection of my personal favourites which are designed to start your journey towards more power, more confidence, more wellbeing, less stress and less anxiety.  


What you will receive

I have selected five of my favourite empowerment healings.  Together they work to release the blocks that hold us back, and shift the  negativity that has been created, blocking our wellbeing.

What do I mean by ‘healing’ –  well the word healing means to make whole.  My recordings are designed to work with your brainwaves, and help to release blocks and limiting beliefs which are holding you back.

In this selection, you receive four activation recordings which are designed to shift limiting beliefs and blocks from your subconscious mind, and one long energy clearing.

Giving & Receiving

This activation healing helps you release blocks to receiving. In life we are usually so good at giving all the time and putting ourselves last, that we ended up totally drained with no energy for ourselves. This is often held in place by deep-seated ancestral patterns of self-sacrifice, especially true for women. When we allow ourselves to receive, to accept help, and to give ourselves time and nurturing, we then become stronger and everybody benefits. 

Fear of Your Own Power

Women have been suppressed, oppressed and held back for centuries by the patriarchal status quo. What is more, powerful women have been persecuted for many centuries. This has created deep-seated patterns where we hold ourselves back and hide our true power. When we are confronted with the potential to embrace our true power, this often triggers intense fears (although we may mistake them as fear of failure!)  This clearing helps to release those blocks enabling us to expand and blossom in our lives, our businesses, our careers and the world.

Playing It Small

This subconscious clearing goes brilliantly with ‘Fear of Your Own Power’. It will help you to expand your boundaries, move out of your comfort zone, and stop holding back. These patterns of playing it small are often quite deep, so you will benefit from listening to this healing several times of a period of a few weeks.

Overwhelm Disconnect

This healing is one of my personal favourites. It is so easy for us to spiral down into stress, anxiety and burnout. Once there, it is hard to break that cycle.  This clearing is designed to put you back in control, so you can think clearly, relax and get things in proportion.

Abundance Flow

This energy clearing is one of my favourites, and uses my own exclusive techniques.  The more stressed you get, the more you will get locked into negative patterns  This lowers the vibration of your mind and body, and this blocks the flow of positive energies in your life.  Use this recording to raise your vibration and  counteract the effects of stress.

How do they work?

These recordings are designed to work with your brainwaves, shifting your state of consciousness, and allowing blocked energies to be released, and old patterns lifted.

You may fall asleep while listening. This often happens and is usually a sign that you particularly need that recording. You will still receive the benefit if you sleep, although I do recommend that you listen again at a later date.

After you have listened to a recording, your mind will start to process and integrate the new programming. This may make you a bit tired, and old emotions may come up as your mind releases the old patterns. This is entirely normal.


Why am I making this package available?

The total value of these healings, if purchased separately is £138, but I am making them available to you for a nominal charge of £11.99.

Why am I doing this?  Well, here’s the thing – when we start out on our empowerment journey, very often things are very stuck and very blocked, and it can feel almost impossible to take the first step.  Once the ball starts rolling, it becomes easier as things begin to improve in our lives. 

By providing this opportunity, I am making it easy for you to take the first step, easy to start the process and easy to start feeling some benefit. This will help you to turn the corner and begin your empowerment journey.


Ready for more empowerment?

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Hi, I’m Anne,

I’m an author, life alchemist, scientist and founder of Cinderella Bootcamp® and The Power Sanctuary.  

My mission is to help women to skyrocket their confidence, ditch self-doubt and learn how to overcome the unconscious bias, so they can shine and succeed in whatever they choose to do.

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