Impact Kickstart

Activation codes to 
free you from the fear of being seen as a powerful woman.

What if you could take that next step in visibility and impact without fear?

What if you could break through those long-standing confidence blocks, and exposure fears, quickly, with no need for years of belief changing and mindset work?

Impact Kickstart brings you a dramatic shift in your ability to stand out, be noticed, be seen and heard – in whatever arena you choose.  Online and in person.  You’ll take a quantum leap forwards, releasing some of the biggest subconscious blocks that have held women back, and kept us small for centuries. 

Just imagine how it would feel to simply BE YOURSELF in that next level of leadership and impact – unconcerned about what people think of you.  No longer holding back, or stressing out.

Simply being the powerful woman you are, fulfilling your mission in the world.

If you’ve done training, invested in yourself, created the materials, done the work, but when it gets to the critical moment of promoting yourself, you stop, this is for you.

If each time you put yourself out there, you get a sickening feeling of anxiety in your stomach, that you really can’t explain, then Impact Kickstart can help.

If any negative comment on your social media posts send you into a tailspin, and you feel in very real danger.

If you are frustrated with yourself, and it feels as if you’re just bashing your head against a brick wall, then read on…

You are not alone!  There’s nothing wrong with you!

These visibility fears, that pull the rug out from under us, have nothing to do with our abilities, or our faith in ourselves.  NO!  It is the heritage that all women share.  The heritage that tells you it’s intrinsically dangerous for a powerful woman to be visible.

Quite simply, in those key moments of expansion into your genius, your subconscious mind is telling you that you’ll be put to death!  Your mind believes you are in genuine danger for your life! 

It’s no wonder you end up sabotaging yourself and getting stuck.

I’ve spent 20 years working with women, one to one, and unravelling the many layers of these hidden programmes so they can feel relaxed and safe stepping into leadership, impact and the limelight.  It totally works, but it takes a long time.

My quest has been to find a way of short-cutting those thousands of hours.

The result, my Female Power Activation Codes.

Instead of clearing individual programmes, the activations work with big picture patterns within the subconscious mind. The result – huge swathes can be opened up, in a fraction of the time.

These activations have only been available in my top mastermind programmes, and for my private clients.  Until now!

YOU CAN NOW BENEFIT by experiencing the first two activations.   CHOOSING SAFETY & POWER,  and WITCH WOUND LIBERATION.

These two provide the essential unlocking of ancestral and group conscious fears that have effectively kept modern women shackled in the ancient past!

I’ve spent 20 years working with women, one to one, and unravelling the many layers of these hidden programmes so they can feel relaxed and safe stepping into leadership, impact and the limelight.  It totally works, but it takes a long time.

My quest has been to find a way of short-cutting those thousands of hours. 

The result, my Female Power Activation Codes.

Instead of clearing individual programmes, the activations work with big picture patterns within the subconscious mind. The result – huge swathes can be opened up, in a fraction of the time.

These activations have only been available in my top mastermind programmes, and for my private clients.  Until now!

YOU CAN NOW BENEFIT by experiencing the first two activations.   CHOOSING SAFETY & POWER,  and WITCH WOUND LIBERATION.

These two provide the essential unlocking of ancestral and group conscious fears that have effectively kept modern women shackled in the ancient past!

Dramatic Confidence Shift in a Fraction of the Time!


Would you like a quick and easy way of blasting through those frustrating blocks, so you can master the inner game without the slog?

Impact Kickstart gives you access to my cutting-edge subconscious upgrades and power expansion, for the first time.

After receiving the first two Female Power Activations, you will:

Dramatically reduce your fear of visibility

That deep feeling of anxiety  – that sickening pang in your stomach each time you step beyond your safe, hidden comfort zone.

Feel safer promoting yourself and your work

Whether you’re a woman with a mission, an entrepreneur with an online business, or a woman in corporate dealing with the boys’ club, we have enough to deal with juggling our lives, without being undermined by ancient programming that tells us we’ll be put to death for standing out!  When these hidden blocks are dissolved, you begin to feel your own worth, AND the truth of your safety here in the 21st century.

Break through limits

Instead of coming to a standstill each time you hit another limit, you now simply ‘run’ your activations, and allow that negative stress energy to reduce, making you feel calmer, more confident and ready to expand again.

Experience less self-sabotage

You are starting the process of bringing your subconscious mind onto your side.  It’s a powerful ally when it believes you are safe.  It can make your life a living hell when it thinks you’re in danger!

Feel more comfortable in the spotlight

Presentation – interview – Facebook live?  Feel excited instead of stressed out!

Have tools you can fall back on, each time you feel stressed.

When you have a big event coming up?  Run your activations, and create an energy of confidence.

Deal with negative comments

Instead of negative feedback (whether professional or FB trolls) freaking you out, reduce those feelings of being attacked and negated by running your activations.  Result – you can remain dignified, graceful, and in command of yourself, instead of it feeling like a stab in the guts.

Is  this  right  for  you?

You know you’re gifted, but you are being blocked by hidden fears you can’t explain.

You’re determined to push through, be a success, and achieve your chosen mission in the world – in the career of your choosing.  BUT you’re fed up of pushing through the stress.

You’d love to start unlocking your true power, and powers, and you LOVE the idea of shortcutting many hours of painstaking personal development!!

You are comfortable with talk of subtle energies, higher consciousness, and you’re open to something new.

You understand that provides the first kickstart in opening up your hidden powers, but that the full journey is much deeper.

If you are excited by the idea of opening up the door to your hidden ancestral powers, and are ready to step through, then this is for you!

You  Will  Receive…

Power Activation Code 1:
Choosing Safety & Power

For generations, women have been conditioned to play it small, to hold back, and to stay below the radar.  These hidden programmes are the cause of many woman holding back, sabotaging herself or hitting upper limits on what she can allow herself in terms of achievement, money, and success.  this first activation gently releases this, giving a deep sense of safety with moving forwards into more impact.  (value £497)

Power Activation Code 2:
‘Witch Wound’ Liberation

The Witch Wound is a global group conscious field of trauma – it is shared over many cultures, heritages and religions.  Quite simply, it’s the trauma of powerful women being persecuted, tortured and put to death for standing out, rocking the boat and going against the patriarchal status quo.  Ancient history?  Yes indeed, but this shared trauma is what is truly responsible sabotaging your confidence here and now!  Previously, it required many hours of trauma clearing to achieve the same result as this activation. (value £497)

Convenient Membership Site

Have access to your recordings anywhere through our beautiful membership site. (value £300)

Downloadable mp3 versions

Download your activation recordings onto any device you choose. (value £200)

Bonus – Money Power Webinar Recording

Start creating your Money Power Foundation – something women have lacked up until now – making it easier for you to hold the vibration of money.
(value £200)

Bonus – Deep Restful Sleep

Powerful 60 minute healing meditation that releases patterns of stress and helps you to sleep peacefully. (value £50)

  Just think how much more you will achieve, with so much less stress, when you release the hidden sabotage that’s been creating all those blocks and anxiety. 

The total value of this subconscious upgrade far exceeds £1500,

…but I want to make it an easy ‘yes’ for you, so I’ve priced Impact Kickstart at only £397.

NOTE:  If you buy Impact Kickstart, and then go on to join
Supreme Feminine Confidence Mastermind, you will get the the price of Impact Kickstart off your investment!

Your  investment


BUT as a special launch price, I’m giving £100 off for the month of July – use code SelfLoveSpecial at checkout.


The more you use the energies of these activations, the deep the clearing will become.  Never listen while driving as it will make you drowsy.  Please note that these are recorded healings, and as such no refunds are offered.  Check our Ts&Cs for details. 

Coming  Soon in the 
Female  Impact  Academy

The first two activation codes are just the start of the full journey to unlock your ancient intrinsic female power.  The full set will be part of the forthcoming Female Impact Academy.  If you are drawn to this, then please join the waiting list.   The Female Impact Academy will be by application only. 

Safety & Power

The higher we go, the more of a minority we become.  This triggers a cascade of sabotage within us, from feeling the need to fit into the old male standards, to feeling in physical danger!  This activation connects you to your powerful female ancestors, and higher consciousness beings of your choice, beyond the rules of patriarchy.  This creates a safety in numbers support system within your own mind that radically shifts your reaction to the world around you – even if you are the only woman in the room.

'Witch Wound' Liberation

The deep-seated global trauma of powerful women being persecuted, suppressed and often executed is one that haunts us still.  It is this which is responsible for so many women holding back from visibility, leadership and getting noticed.  We go for more impact, but ever cell in our bodies screams at us that we’ll be executed for it.  This activation is designed to free us from this profoundly sabotaging patterning, and make it safe for us to be seen to be powerful.

Freedom from Hierarchy

Women are constantly undermined by hierarchy.  As soon as we feel one, we subconsciously start to give our power away and obey the rules.  This unconscious knee-jerk reaction happens without us realising, each and every time we perceive that we’re in a hierarchy.  I’m not just referring to obvious 3D hierarchies such as a management structure, or police authorities.  No!  Far more insidious are the subtle hierarchies of gender, physical appearance, money, background, age, race and more.  These are often based not on 21st century values, but on those old patterns of discrimination and prejudice.  The freedom to ignore those subtle hierarchies is the key to holding our power in all situations.

Mistress of Time

Quite simply, this activation gives you back your autonomy when it comes to your time.  No matter how free we believe we are on the surface, underneath, women are deeply conditioned to put everyone else’s needs before our own, and especially to feel guilty when we use our time for what WE want.  This transformation to being the mistress of our time is life-changing. 

Women and God

Nearly all the major religions are patriarchal.  Whether or not you are religious, this patterning is deeply ingrained into family, heritage and society on many levels.  Simply put, there is a ‘divine authority’ for men’s oppression and control of women while god is male.  This activation frees us from that obsolete structure, allowing us to create new patterns of our own spiritual authority – essential for all leaders and pioneers. 

Patriarchy Deactivation

Alas, women are still programmed not to outshine men.  On the subconscious level, we are stuck in a multi-dimensional web of limits that pull us back, even as we expand forwards.  The programming of male superiority, and that women must not threaten that or we’ll emasculate the whole male gender, can sabotage all of us.  If you experience plateaus, self-sabotage, push-pull, conflict with your husband or partner when you get a promotion, or unexplained fears, this is often at the root.  This activation frees you from that ancestral patterning, making it safe to beat the men!

Freedom of Speech

Releasing the huge fear around our voice, being persecuted for what we say, for our beliefs or opinion and for being a heretic.  Any woman who is succeeding out in the world, an authority, a leader, needs to have a profound voice power foundation.  Yet, as ever, our heritage has deprived us of this. This activation brings the liberation to speak, and have it safe to be heard, even when what we say is controversial or against convention. 

Freedom from Fear of Rape

This is a big one!  How many times are women threatened with sexual violence – whether it be in person, or on Twitter.  The trouble is that this fear is deeply ingrained, and exacerbated by any abuse we may have suffered. These patterns put us at a huge disadvantage.  This activation transmutes that fear, and replaces it with patterning of power and safety, so we not only feel better, but give out a completely different message to the world. 

Freedom from Punishment

If you break the rules, you’ll be punished.  Deeply ingrained on so many levels.  Yet, as pioneering women we are breaking ALL the rules, pretty much all the time – the unwritten, subtle, energetic, subliminal rules that we are bombarded with from birth.  Our subconscious minds believe we’ll truly be punished and this holds us back, creates self sabotage, and creates stress, struggle, and limits us.  When the fear of punishment is lifted, the world opens up for us. 

Choosing Yourself

Women are conditioned to put everyone else first, to sacrifice themselves, martyr themselves, and are programmed to feel guilt when they give themselves any love, time and attention at all.  BUT while you are in this energy, you will forever be sabotaging what you want in life. You have to love yourself and choose yourself first.  When you do this, everyone benefits.  It sounds easy, but the conditioning here is very very deep indeed.   Free yourself to choose YOU, and the world changes around you.

Mistress of Money

Freedom from the plethora of sabotaging limits and judgements, that keep phenomenal women blocked around money, and a new deep connection with infinite creative substance from which we can create whatever we wish.  This is life-changing.  Need I say more!

Submission Deactivation

Trauma, abuse, bullying, being put down, gaslighted – these create feminine wounds, which means a suppression of our true female power.  These patterns are usually established during childhood.  This activation helps you to release that frozen submission patterning, allowing you to hold your power in situations where you used to be controlled by your past experiences. 

Sexual Freedom

We’ve all met the double standard around sex and gender.  But this actually sabotages high-achieving women when it comes to success, income, visibility and impact.   Why?  Because some of the oldest patterning defines our value by our ‘sexual purity’.  ‘A woman on the stage is a prostitute.’  ‘A respectable woman is a married woman.’  These are very common subconscious limiting programmes.  What I have found is that these things can actually block our ability to ask for payment, for putting ourselves into the spotlight,  for receiving money for our services.  Our sexual power is part of our creative power out in the world, and it needs to be free for us to create everything we desire in life. 

The Sorceress

What would you truly be capable of if you hadn’t been conditioned by the conventional world to believe that only the 3D exists.  The truth is that we are all multi-dimensional beings, capable of working with creative substance on many levels.  This activation releases both patterning that tells us this is impossible, and also the huge generational labels of ‘forbidden’ which have suppressed female powers throughout history, keeping the male status quo in control.  This activation allows your full female power to reawaken.

Tall Poppy

To be a leader, we need to stand out.  This means moving beyond those around us – be it family, friends, partners, colleagues.  We are deeply conditioned not to do this.  It’s betraying, it’s being arrogant, it’s down-right dangerous, it’s selfish…the list goes on. Yet we cannot make a difference until we allow ourselves to shift our vibration first and stand out.  Standing out in vibration then leads to standing out in our physical reality, in the world.


The Seeress

The Seeress activation goes with The Sorceress.  this activation releases the fears and forbidden labels around your intuitive abilities.  We all have these, but our western education, and upbringing usually suppresses them.  The path to reawakening these aspects of ourselves, enabling us to apply them in an organic way to our modern lives, can be a long journey.  This activation will greatly shortcut this process.

The Feminine Warrior

Women leaders naturally need to be strong, and indeed fierce when the occasion demands.  Yet, we do not want to take on a masculine energy to get ahead. (We see many examples of women who have abandoned their female energy and replaced it with an aggressive male energy, but this does not truly serve us.)   Instead we need to reawaken our true feminine warrior energy – the power of the lioness.  Profoundly powerful, yet truly female. 

Yin and Yang

Being a powerful woman definitely does not mean bashing, negating or avoiding the masculine.  We need balance and harmony, both between the masculine aspects of ourselves, and the masculine in the world – both men, and the masculine qualities of money, structure, goals, action etc.  Many powerful women are running the energy of ‘I can do it all without the masculine’.  However, this is a path to burnout.  This activation releases the patterns of anger, resentment, grudges and injustice which women hold against men, both here and now, and in the past, allowing the benevolent, supportive qualities of the divine masculine to support us on our mission.

The Phoenix

A journey from the version of us we have lived up until now, to that embodied, phenomenal abundant woman of power means letting go of so much.  Those parts of us literally need to die so that the new can be reborn. Consciously we understand, but under the surface there is such resistance to releasing.  This keeps us stuck in a push/pull, one foot in both camps, limbo where the old no longer works for us, but the new has not come in!  This activation expansion allows us to release and be reborn, whatever that means for us on our journey.

The Divine Feminine

Your connection to, and reawakening within, of your Divine Feminine energy.  Here we put it all together, and you are able to take a quantum leap forwards on your journey of true feminine power.

Female Impact Academy will be a 10 month deeply supportive mastermind experience where you go on the ultimate journey of female power.  This will be by application only.

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