Female Power Voice

Speak Up Confidently and
Hold Your Power Under Pressure,
in person and online,

(even if you’ve felt invisible and dismissed)  

The game-changing empowerment programme for professional women, based on 20 years of research.

Professional  Woman

I’m delighted you’re interested in unlocking your female power voice in my game-changing empowerment programme.

This is a brand new programme, based on my 20 years of research into what is really holding back professional women in the workplace, and the next level of techniques published in ‘Pull Back Your Power’.

I’m limiting the group to a select number of professional women, and I’ll be showing them how they can awaken profound confidence to speak up, in all those situations that I know drain our power – like dealing with aggressive and dismissive individuals, and commanding the room when we need to hold our authority.  

You’ll Learn How To Unlock Genuine Unshakeable Confidence
To Speak Up

This means being able to bring in that genuine confidence at will, and hold it unshakeably, whenever you want to be heard – whenever you want to be taken seriously and given the credibility you deserve…without having to ‘fake it to make it’, without feeling like an imposter, and without having to push through anxiety and stress every time you need to command the room. 

No longer being steam-rolled or talked over in meetings…and all without having to behave aggressively, sacrifice your femininity, or turning yourself into a man.

We’ve Had To Play Their Game, Their Way

It’s exhausting succeeding as a high-achieving woman in a man’s world – with its aggression, its back-stabbing mentality and its double standards.

Despite your success, it’s been a battle to be heard and be taken seriously.  Your achievements have proved your worth many times over, but the constant battling inevitably takes its toll. 

I know, because I’ve been there!

We’ve had to play their game, their way, and we thought there was no alternative.

My research has shown otherwise.  In fact when you know how to detach from that way of doing this, and reconnect to your true power and entitlement on the subconscious level, then things change dramatically. 

Basically, you’ll be learning a new game, one which leaves you feeling free to be yourself, feeling confident, unflappable and relaxed.

I don’t just mean looking relaxed and acting confident – while your stomach is churning inside.  I mean really changing the way you react, so you actually feel safe and confident.

The  Game-Changer

A Solution That Goes To The Root

There’s a lot of assertiveness training our there, but this doesn’t address the deep problem.  I’ll be giving you my unique solution to what undermines high-achieving women on the deepest subconscious level – the result of 20 years’ meticulous research and thousands of hours working one to one with high-achievers, in many professions.  This solution levels the energetic playing field, and gives you the power foundation you (and all women) have been lacking.

It’s So Much More Than Just Speaking Up

When you’ve completed the programme, you know:

* How to reduce stress and anxiety, at will, and replace them with profound confidence.
* How to regain your power if a colleague or fellow board-member is bullying you.
* How to effectively detach from toxic aggression, so it’s just ‘water off a duck’s back’ and you maintain your calm clarity, and professional dignity with ease.

Not by changing who you are, but by learning specific techniques that give you control over your subconscious reactions. 

I used to believe that I needed to be loud, pushy and extrovert to succeed.  However, after I began to put my discoveries into action, shifting the subtle power balance between me and the world, my confidence completely transformed, literally over night.  I found myself feeling relaxed and in control, even during live interviews and dealing with the media.  People who know me now, can’t believe it when I tell them what it used to be like for me. There’s nothing I teach that I haven’t tried and proved on myself first.

It’s a shame that I didn’t know this BEFORE I burnt out and lost my scientific career!

My clients find themselves speaking up in meetings, promoting their work and ideas, and stepping into more authority, more impact and more leadership.  Not pushing themselves or forcing it, but naturally moving up.

Is  this  right  for  you?

The Pioneers, the Professionals, The Visionaries

My system works best for women who have DECIDED that they’re going to have the career and life they set their heart on.  They’re women with a mission, something they’re determined to create in the world.  They’re achievers who have chosen careers like the corporate world, STEM, business, medicine, finance and law to make their mark.

OR they’re pioneering women who are determined to make a difference in the world, even if putting themselves out there doesn’t come easily.  They won’t settle for second best, or having to quit their careers because the system is broken.  They don’t want to spend 5 years on spiritual retreat to find themselves and recover from burnout!  They aren’t going to put up with the negativity, the glass ceilings and unconscious bias,  and they aren’t going to give up.  They’ve just been looking for a way to change things, so they can achieve their dreams without the personal cost.

It also helps if you have invested in personal development in the past. You also need a willingness to look at the world in a subtle energy way, and are ready to embrace new powers and a new responsibility for your life experience. 

If this is you, then you will get the results.

And here’s the key point – when you hold the frequency of power and entitlement, you give out a different message that other people respond to unconsciously.  This happens AUTOMATICALLY, and that’s the beauty of what you’ll be learning. 

There’s no need to change your character, or force anything. It makes it safe to be you, and safe to be seen and heard, as a powerful woman of leadership and authority.

There’s  Nothing  Wrong  With  You 

But there is something wrong with the WORLD!

Here’s  The  Plan

Over six weeks you will be guided through the techniques, step by step, using my exclusive system.   You’ll be able to start applying what you learn to your life right away, and start feeling the difference from day one.  You’ll build on your skills, and develop the new mental muscles you need, and by the time we finish, it will be second nature to you.

Plus at each stage, with my help, you will start to free yourself from deep-seated subconscious conditioning, and from accumulated trauma from your past experiences.  This frees you from the hidden restraints that have been a dead weight dragging you down without you realising it.

Put these things together, and it catapults you forwards, and opens up the next level of success, impact and wellbeing.

After  working  with  me,
you’ll  know  how to…

  • Magnify your power and presence on demand, literally changing the way people react to you in an instant.


  • Project more credibility and authority when you meet people, even on Zoom calls.


  • Speak to strangers and make conversation in networking groups, even if you think of yourself as reserved or introvert.


  • Have a clear procedure that prepares confidence and presence BEFORE a presentation, sales pitch, appraisal or board-meeting – so you automatically hold your power on the day without even thinking about it.


  • Get the ball back when you’ve been interrupted in a meeting, without having to raise your voice or losing credibility by sounding shrill.


  • Be able to put forward your ideas and opinions without that pang of anxiety in your stomach, even at a table of aggressive men with their testosterone on maximum.


  • Deal with confrontations without feeling personally attacked or undermined, and without going over it in your head for days afterwards.


  • Hold your power with bullying colleagues, where you used to get tongue-tied or let them put you down.


  • Have the self-assurance to talk about money, fees and ask for a salary increase or bonus, without being apologetic about it, or justifying yourself.


  • Be able to let go of upsets and arguments, instead of agonising over past events.


  • Know how to de-fuse fears, allowing your reason and logic to take over when it matters.


  • Actually FEEL your value, experience, competence and entitlement, instead of feeling like a fraud or a little girl.

We  Need  a Detox!

We don’t have to put up with crushed by the status quo any longer.

When I was battling with stress, imposter syndrome and burnout – back in the male-dominated engineering department of my academic career – I actually called it ’The Hell Hole’!

Don’t get me wrong – my colleagues were decent people.  They just had no idea the effect that trying to fit into that system had on me – a system that wasn’t designed for me and that didn’t understand me.

The system suited them, and they didn’t think to wonder whether it was crushing me. 

I believed I had to suffer that toxic energy if I wanted my career and wanted to be a role model to the few young women on the course.   I didn’t believe any other option was possible for a feminine woman like me. 

Thankfully, it doesn’t have to be that way for women like us, any longer.  This is what I believe is my life’s work – changing this situation so all women can succeed without being undermined.

Ok, so it took me 20 years of research and experimentation to discover what was really happening, and to validate my techniques, but you don’t have to wait that long.

Freedom  From
The  Patriarchy  Box

We women have had to squash our true power, in order to fit into the status quo box – the world that was built by men for men.  Our way was labelled as inferior or forbidden. In the process we’ve lost touch with a whole other side to our gifts. 

While we are squeezing ourselves into the patriarchy box, we’ll always be at a disadvantage to men.  The male way is very one-dimensional, but women operate on many subtle levels, and have multiple facets to our mental abilities, which just aren’t acknowledged by the male way of thinking.  

When you rediscover these skills, a whole new world of power opens up to you.

I’m going to teach you how to detach from the straitjacket we have inherited from our disempowered past, and reconnect to your true female power – not a hand-wavy new-age concept, but actual mental abilities that we simply haven’t been using.  

When you understand the full extent of your mental powers, and know how to apply them to real-world situations, this makes your workplace a whole new ballgame. 

Instead of being limited by those old male benchmarks, it becomes YOU who manipulates the playing field, watching your colleagues react.   And it’s about time!

Unlock  Your  True  Power

Think of yourself as  ‘The Secret Sorceress’ taking your female magic into the boardroom!  

You don’t need to play their game and be limited by the old rules any longer. 

Your rules, your power, your female benchmarks, and your voice – not ‘in your face’ and confrontational – that’s the male way.  No –  we are WAY more subtle.  Subtle and powerful. 

When your mind is unshackled from that legacy, it realises just how powerful you really are. 

Power = the safety to shine and outshine!

Not only that, but you’ll know for the first time just how amazing you are to have attained your current success.

When your subconscious mind is supporting you instead of undermining you, your female power voice is unleashed.  You find yourself speaking up, knowing what to say, how to say it, and being able to command the room – not by yelling and losing your dignity, but by knowing how to hold the energy that creates what you want.  

You actually feel your entitlement instead of just knowing it in theory!

Results  my  clients  have  experienced…

When you reprogramme your power response, this is the sort of result you get:

* going from fading into the background, to confidently fielding objections at a public enquiry planning meeting.

* problematic shareholder relationships transformed, and power-draining situations reversed.

* standing up to her bullying line manager for the first time in 10 years. 

* and the entrepreneur who found herself filling her mastermind programme with ease, and naturally stepping into more visibility and authority online.

* telling her bosses that she was worth more money than they were offering, and as a result, receiving both a salary increase and a promotion to Vice President.

When  and  Where

We’ll meet on Zoom each Thursday at 7.00 pm UK time 6 weeks.  This time has been chosen so it’s possible for most people around the globe to join live, if they want to. The calls will last approximately 90 minutes, but this will vary depending on the week and the amount of support you need. 

All the sessions will be recorded and posted in our membership site, so if you can’t make it live, you can listen whenever it’s convenient for you. You’ll be able to start putting what you learn into practice right from the first session.  In addition to the live calls, you’ll find all the other materials and clearings in the membership site, to use whenever it works for your schedule.

During our time working together you will also receive my full support via text and email, as you begin to put your new skills into practice, so I’ll be on hand to advise you when you need it.

And of course you retain full access to all the materials for as long as my site is in operation! 

Your  questions  answered…

Will it work for me?

There are a few things you need to have in place if this is going to work for you.  You need to be established in your career, with at least 4 years experience and you also need to have achieved a level of success, appropriate to your profession, such as completing projects, mentoring students, leading teams, or bringing in funding. 

You also need to be a woman who isn’t afraid to think outside the box and is open to an energetic view of the world!

And of course, you will have to implement what I teach to get the results. This means trusting the process, being consistent, pushing through resistance, and staying the course.  Resistance is part of freeing yourself and it’s essential to understand this, and not give up. 

I can’t do those things for you!  But, if you put in the effort, you will succeed.

Do I need any special gifts?

Don’t worry, you don’t need any ‘special gifts’.  I take you though the process step by step.  You get a chance to use your new skills in your life right away, and I’ve included the time you need to integrate and apply what you’ve learned.  It’s just like exercising a muscle, the more you do it, the stronger you get, and the more natural it seems.  If you trust the process, and are consistent with your practice, it will soon become second nature to you.  


This is our aim, for you to be going through your daily life, using these ‘powers’ as an extension of yourself.


Is this the same as in your book, 'Pull Back Your Power'?

No.  My book takes you through a basic understanding of what has been sabotaging women, and gets you started with making some changes, but what we’ll be doing here is on a much deeper level.

I don't have much time with my busy career, what time commitment will it be?

I’ve designed it specifically with the minimum of time on Zoom.  You’ll find all the resources, and call recordings in our membership site, so you can use them whenever is convenient for your schedule.  You don’t need to attend live to get all the benefit, and you won’t be bombarded with content.  Instead, you’ll be learning some life-changing techniques and then learning to apply them to your life straight away, all with my expert support.  It’s not a quick fix, it’s a new way of being which you will build into your life.

Will these techniques help me in my personal life too?

Most definitely!  Any situation where you feel yourself holding back, not standing up for yourself, not expressing your opinion, feeling attacked or limited, wherever you feel stress or anxiety before doing something (even if you push yourself to do it anyway) – using your new skills will change the dynamic between you and that person.  It doesn’t matter whether it’s your co-worker, your fellow board-member, your husband, partner or your potential clients.  You will be using your skills EVERYWHERE and with EVERYONE.


It’s not magic like a fairy tale.  It’s even better! Why? Because it’s our birthright as women to utilise all these abilities –  as normal as breathing.   You don’t need any special talent, or a 20 year apprenticeship with a magician (!)  you just need to know what to do.  Simple!

Why do you have an application process?

I will only take someone into the programme if I KNOW I can get them the result. There are no quick fixes and this is a deep process.  It requires a certain level of personal responsibility, dedication, and maturity.  I expect my clients to succeed and transform their lives.  If you are dedicated to this goal, trust the process and take action, then I will do my very best to support you and help you get the results you want.

How do recorded clearings work?

The recordings direct your own mind to make changes, so you just have to listen to get all the benefit. Similarly, if you miss a live webinar and listen to the recording it is just as powerful as being there at the time.

You mention healing sometimes, what does that mean?

The term ‘healing’ covers many different techniques, but the word means ‘to make whole’. In this programme we are utilising several things – the fact that everything is made of energy and everything is connected, the power of your conscious mind, and the natural energy field of our body. In our group sessions, I facilitate guided and focused visualisations using my life alchemy techniques. In this way, you will be able to change programming within your own mind.  You are in control at all times.

What if I want to take things deeper after this programme?

The Female Power Voice programme is the door that opens up your true female power.  Speaking up and shifting the power dynamic is the first step.  If you want to take things further, I offer deeper one to one programmes and masterminds following on from this.

How long until I see results?

You will start using the techniques straight away, and this will start training your mind react in a different way.  It’s like exercising a muscle you haven’t used before. Over time, you will get stronger and stronger.  The speed with which you feel results depends upon both your life experiences up until now, and on how much you put your new skills into practice in your everyday life.  I can’t guarantee specific results, but I can guarantee that if you follow the programme you will start to feel different and react differently.

Would You Like To Apply?

What  My  Clients  Say

Melanie Gow

Professional Speaker, Author, Business Coach and Legend Maker

Working with Anne revolutionised my ability to create more success, feel great doing it, and begin to achieve the impact I dream of.
Despite a TEDx Talk, a sold-out national inspirational speaking tour, being a crowd-funded publisher, a published author, and the first British female film director with a movie in the cinemas, I felt like I have been doing this chained to an unimaginable weight, dragging me back, and on my knees after every achievement.Being the sort of woman who rises up and comes back out on to the battle field every time she is knocked down, I thought this came with the terrain – after all, I’m doing hard things. I was almost proud of the scars, I am certainly proud of the achievements, but I wanted to create greater possibility for others and wondered just what else I had to do? When Anne explained the Power Foundation all women are missing, and the 3D Spider’s Web, it all made sense. It’s not me (or you) it’s a medieval social contract I signed not to “outshine men”, or own property, or countless wounding that carries down my maternal lineage, it’s some Joan of Arc legacy stored back there in my (all our) operating system.

After working with Anne, I was not only able to fill my Signature Speech Programme but I appeared on the stage in Los Angeles with a Transformational Comedy gig, lead a year long speaking mentorship, and start my own webshow, The Legend Within, all about Mind Goblins, big ideas, and better stories.

I heartily recommend working with Anne if you want to get rid of the invisible bounds that truly hold women back, especially if you have a message you want to share, need to get visible to be effective, and want to define success your way – in fact, you owe it to yourself to release up more of your own power.”

Lucy  McCarraher

Professional speaker, Author, Publisher and Mentor,
Founder of The Business Book Awards

“Since working with Anne, I have experienced a long-lasting shift in my life vision, and I’ve stepped out into a more influential role than I had ever envisaged.

In the last ten years I’ve co-founded a business that has grown from a two-person start-up to an international team of 40; I’m the author of 12 books, the most experienced mentor in my field, and I’ve founded a successful set of industry awards. And yet I felt blocked – prevented from moving forward by some deep-seated and unarticulated fear of being more visible, of achieving beyond a certain level. I was introduced to Anne and read her book, which resonated with me on an emotional and intellectual level, and opened my eyes to the ancient beliefs we still subconsciously hold about women’s place in the world.

When I decided to work with Anne as a coach, I had no idea what to expect – and nothing could have prepared me for Anne’s extraordinary ability to read my past experiences, review present relationships and illuminate future aspirations. It felt a bit like entering a steampunk world where my guide, who I trusted implicitly, could magically reveal hidden oaths and buried beliefs – and then dismantle those deep-seated blocks and recalibrate my confidence, power and self-belief through mechanisms beyond my comprehension. But it’s not magic – Anne’s knowledge and experience is reassuringly scientific. As I sat in front of my laptop, talking to my gentle, empathetic coach and seeing her apply her energetic skills, I could feel unexpectedly intense shifts in my perception, my personal power and my sense of purpose.

Since working with Anne, I have experienced a long-lasting shift in my life vision, been able to address unbalanced relationships and behaviour, and step out into a more influential role than I had ever envisaged. Although uncovering past pain and confronting irrational beliefs takes some processing, through her energetic interventions Anne does most of the work, leaving you to enjoy and be inspired by the results. More women should step into their power with Anne’s help.



Town Planner

“I really enjoyed Anne’s Female Power Voice. Anne’s teaching is brilliant and effective.
The course had a great balance of information, live calls, practical workshops so that I really learned to recognise the work situations that I have been giving my power away and importantly the techniques that I can use on a daily basis to change the way that I react in certain situations. This means that I can stay in control of a situation in a calm and effective way. 
I have been using the techniques that Anne has taught us on a daily basis and have seen some good results fairly quickly. I have noticed that I am speaking out alot more in meetings and with more confidence (particularly in large meetings). Quite honestly my natural instinct is to fade into the background and keep quiet. This natural tendency has been a lifelong battle for me but I do feel that since starting the course it is changing. 
I have used the techniques in high level meetings. When discussing a presentation and criticism was directed at me, instead of panicking and getting flustered (a fairly normal reaction) I remained calm and in control. I explained what we should be talking about and very quickly turned the situation around so that people were saying that’s great, put that on the slide, have more slides. A small win but it felt good. 
I have also attended public meetings to support my boss at work. These meetings can be challenging and you always have to expect the unexpected and any number of random questions can come your way that you would be expected to answer. I have always  attended a public meeting feeling anxious and on edge. However, the first time that I used the techniques I remained calm and relaxed the whole way through the public meeting. I did get questions that I need to respond to. Although, I experienced some interruptions when talking I dealt with them fairly effortlessly. The first interruption was actually helpful and I used it to reinforce a point. The second interruption was less helpful and their understanding was wrong. I quickly and effortlessly corrected them (again not a natural instinct), regained control and moved the discussion on. I really noticed in this meeting just how differently I felt and reacted to what I had to deal with.
The more I use the techniques, the more confident I am becoming in using them and the better the results I am seeing. I have realised that there is alot I need to work on as like many other women I have gone through life giving my power away in far too many situations and not speaking up confidently. However, I also find this very exciting as I now know that I no longer have to accept this as my default reaction. I can change how I react in any situation with some very effective techniques that Anne has taught us. The possibilities are endless.”         

Are  you  ready  to  hold  your  power?

It’s hard to put a price on unshakeable confidence to speak up, and the ability to hold your power.  I remember all too well everything I went through for years, only to end up burnt-out, having lost the career I’d worked so hard for. 

If my experiences resonate with you, then I believe my discoveries can help you change your experience of work and will enhance your life. 

Have you sat in a room, or on a Zoom call, with a group of men who steamroll you, who shut you down and then steal credit for your ideas?  Have you missed out on promotions and opportunities because you didn’t open your mouth at the right time, or were drowned out?  Have you suffered humiliation and frustration when you know you could have been shining if only the environment had been different?  I’ve lost count of the times I went through these things.

What women have lacked up until now, is the ability to update their subconscious operating system and change the power dynamic between themselves and the world. This is know-how that we all need. 

You’ve been running on empty.  You’ve had all the motivation and the abilities, but you haven’t had the power foundation that a man has inherited from history. You’ve been forced to play catchup in their game – a game no woman can win.

We are women on the transition between the old patriarchal world, and the new paradigm.  We have the freedom and opportunity officially, but all the subtle energies around us simply haven’t had time to catch up.  This creates inner conflict, and an aggressive environment around us.  Things will change in time, but I am not that patient! 

There’s nothing worse than seeing people with less ability than you, overtake you, simply because they can play that male aggressive game, while you have to spend every day battling through a toxic environment that saps both your energy, and the impact you can have in the world.  But this really can change when we know how to detach from those toxic energies bring in our own unique power, and overcome those knee-jerk stress responses.

If you feel this is what you have been waiting for, and you’re ready to stop being kept from your true power, then click the button to apply and I’ll get back to you with the next steps.

This  is  “Pull Back Your Power” in action

When I published my book in 2019, I knew my discoveries would help women in many situations, but the real aim was always to help professional women break through the limits, the toxic environments and the sabotage of the status quo.

I’ve seen so many women suffer with stress, imposter syndrome and burnout – many of whom had to leave their careers.  I believe my tools can free us from that trap.

Female Power Voice is this next level training.

If you’re a professional woman who’s determined to fulfil her potential, I’d love to help you level the playing field for success.


This  is  “Pull Back Your Power” in action

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