For World-Changing Women

The game-changing empowerment programme for visionary women,
who want more impact,
more power and more fulfilment in life.

The Feminine Re-Power is the ground-breaking empowerment training that will transform your confidence forever.

You’ll gain the ability to access profound confidence and presence at will, so you can speak up and hold your power – no matter how aggressive or dismissive those around them, or how unsure you used to feel.

This means bringing in genuine confidence and holding it unshakeably, whenever you want to be heard – taken seriously and given your rightful credibility – without having to ‘fake it to make it’ – without feeling like an imposter, and without having anxiety every time you need to command the room!

Game-Changing Mind Tools – Lifetime Access
Live Coaching & Support

What Does It Mean For You?

** This means feeling safe being visible, and ‘out there’ with your gifts and abilities shining brightly, instead of holding back, or settling for less than you really desire. 

** Finally holding your space and authority in meetings and Zoom calls, instead of being dismissed or talked over. 

** Projecting your authority and taking the lead instead of being consigned to inferior or support positions. 

** Saying ‘no’ easily when your partner assumes you’re his unpaid secretary.

** Effortlessly expressing yourself and feeling safe doing it, instead of dreading conversations as if you’re on trial for your life.  

** Being able to deal with (and often transform) relationship conflict, confrontation and aggression without it undermining you.

** No longer feeling powerless in relationships, or family groups, where you have felt undermined or unable to express yourself in the past.

** Confidently taking opportunities and interviews, when you yearn to step into that next level of impact and leadership, instead of holding back.

** Feeling safe and confident in ‘the boys’ club’ instead of feeling attacked and undermined. 

** Being able to break through to your next level of impact, visibility, income and authority instead of being blocked by those insidious glass ceilings. 

** Confidently stepping up instead of holding back. 

…and all without turning yourself into a pseudo-man!!


I have recently completed Anne’s training aimed at helping career women in the workplace and it was excellent. It was really well designed and took you through the programme step by step to build up your understanding of the techniques that she was teaching and to get you using them on a daily basis.

The techniques are incredibly effective and I have seen positive results when using them very quickly. It has made a huge difference as to how I feel at work and how I react in challenging situations that I would have previously found very difficult. I am becoming far more confident, relaxed and trusting in my own skills and ability to do my job.

The techniques that I have learnt are also very transferable to non-work situations and I am using them a lot more to create a little bit of magic in my life and help things to go my way! 


I had an experience recently where I was heavily criticised on a work course, and felt in bits, but the teachings in this course meant that I could take my power back in the lunch break with a visualisation that Anne taught me that took a few minutes ( would not have been possible before – I would have stayed rock bottom) and in the afternoon of the course I was calm, confident, HEARD, commanded my session with my power back once more –  and the comment I had was “what happened? You are a completely different person now from the person you were this morning. If I could bottle that!”

The FPV course with Anne has been incredible and truly life changing and I am so grateful to have found her.  Anne is with you guiding you every step of the way to finding and then keeping your power. It takes persistence and is quite a journey, but the benefits can manifest in all areas of your life. Thank you Anne!

Anne it’s been really amazing – thank you SO much for sharing your wisdom and being so supportive throughout this process. I hope to continue to get better and better at not losing and holding my power. No fear, feeling safe, feeling loved, being ME. X


Basically, you’re going to turn the power dynamic between you and the world, on its head.

Whether you’re a professional, an entrepreneur, a woman with a mission, or a visionary woman who wants to bring harmony and empowerment to the world, we are all up against the same things – a world that wasn’t designed for our brilliant, female, organic way of doing things.  

Have you felt that frustration when you get judged by your body instead of your mind?  Wouldn’t it be great if you could demolish all that unconscious bias and turn the tide in your favour? 

This is exactly what we’re going to do!  You’re going to learn a new game, one which leaves you free to be yourself, confidently speaking up – totally unflappable and relaxed. 

And let’s be clear, I don’t just mean LOOKING relaxed and ACTING confidently – I’m talking about actually BEING confident – all day, every day.  Not just in your current position, but also when you want promotion, more authority or a pay-rise.

You’ll finally understand the precise psychological factors that undermine high-achieving women, and you’ll learn how to conquer and transform them.   You’ll level the energetic playing field and create the power foundation you (and all women) have been lacking. 

My unique Female Power Ignition System™ – the result of 20 years’ meticulous research – gives you all of this, and awakens mental powers you haven’t realised you possess.


Despite having a successful year in business there were several occasions where I had my power well and truly depleted. This had left me feeling unsettled and in a position where I felt unsettled and holding back from achieving my true potential.

Anne has been incredible, her amazing energy skills combined with her genuine kind and caring nature has been transformational.

I am using Anne’s power skills on a daily basis and feel a lot more in control in situations that previously had the potential to drain me.

I was initially reluctant to join Anne’s programme, it sounded great but something was holding me back, that “something” was my subconscious mind. There was part of me that felt afraid of the deep changes that would inevitably happen. I’m so pleased that I took action and joined. The weekly calls along with the self study programme and downloadable meditations have all contributed to moving me into a much better place where I’m finally reclaiming and holding my power. Thank you for a wonderful  experience Anne.


Magnify Your Power Any Time

You’ll reduce stress and anxiety, at will, and replace them with profound confidence.   You’ll regain your power if a colleague is bullying you.  

You’ll feel safe having ‘difficult’ conversations, instead of feeling as if you’re on trial.   Instead of being dragged down by toxic aggression, it’s just ‘water off a duck’s back’ and you maintain your calm clarity, and professional dignity with ease.

I used to think that I needed to be loud, pushy and extroverted to succeed (so NOT me!) but after I discovered how to manipulate the subtle power balance between me and the world, my confidence completely transformed, literally overnight.

I found myself feeling relaxed and in control, even during live interviews and dealing with the media.  People who know me now, can’t believe it when I tell them how I used to feel. 

You’ll find yourself stepping up confidently in situations that used to feel blocked.

…Like my client who went from fading into the background, to confidently fielding objections at a public enquiry planning meeting.

…And the business owner who got out confidently on social media after years of holding back.

…And the engineer who was able to take the lead and hold her authority in a totally male-dominated workplace. 

…And the entrepreneur who found herself filling her mastermind programme with ease, and naturally stepping into more visibility and authority online. 

…And the woman who transformed the dynamic of her family, who had undermined her and controlled her for decades. 

…And the woman who stood up to her patriarchal bosses, told them she was worth more than they were offering, they listened and came back with a significant pay rise AND made her a Vice President.

You will gain the ability to:

** Magnify your power and presence on demand, literally changing the way people react to you in an instant.

** Project more credibility and authority when you meet people, even on Zoom calls. 

** Speak to strangers and make conversation in networking groups much more easily, even if you think of yourself as reserved or an introvert.

** Set up the energies of confidence and credibility BEFORE a presentation, sales pitch, appraisal, board-meeting or interview – so you hold your power automatically on the day.

** Get the ball back when you’ve been interrupted, without having to raise your voice or losing credibility by sounding shrill.

** Present your ideas and opinions without that pang of anxiety in your stomach, even at a table of aggressive men with their testosterone on maximum. 

** Deal with confrontations without feeling personally attacked, and without agonising over it afterwards.

** Stand up to domineering individuals, instead of getting tongue-tied.  

** Deal with misogynist or patriarchal individuals – at work or in the family – and hold your power even if they dismiss you or try to control you.

** Hold your power when dealing with stressful organisations and intimidating authority figures, instead of freaking out and going into fear and panic. 

** Confidently speak in high pressure situations like media interviews.

** Actually FEEL your value, competence and entitlement, instead of feeling like a fraud or a little girl.

I wanted to regain my confidence and control over my life both personally and professionally. I wanted to have the courage to be me without fear of retribution/criticism.

I wanted to feel that I have the right to be successful in a male oriented profession.

I found the whole experience transformational and inspirational.

Anne’s teaching approach showed her depth of knowledge and her passion for the subject and she exuded calm and confidence.

All the skills I have learned will take practice but I can see changes in my thought process and my reactions to difficult situations already.

I feel that I can and will be able to cope with situations that have been causing me considerable stress up till now.

This was my first programme with Anne and I found the whole experience transformative and inspirational. Anne’s approach offered total confidence and the group of women on this same course were truly amazing ladies which enhanced the whole experience.

I will use the skills I’ve learned for the rest of my life and I would say that this investment for any woman is a must.

I am sure that I will continue my journey with Anne on another programme in the very near future.

Ruth Rowe

The  Game-Changer

Believing in your empowerment, and actually HOLDING YOUR POWER are two very different things!

This is why conventional empowerment techniques so often fall short.  It doesn’t matter how confident you feel on the surface, how competent you are or how much experience you have – women have been trained to give our power away.

We’ve all inherited this conditioning, and it means we’re running on empty most of the time.

At the moment, holding your energetic power is like trying to pour water into a sieve!  Your system just can’t hold what you need to succeed.  When you go into an ‘Achilles heel’ situation, your power simply drains away.

When you use my unique techniques, you’ll stop the power drain, and train your capacity for holding the energy of your power.

The key to wellbeing, success and impact is training your mind and body to HOLD your power, in ALL SITUATIONS. 

This is The Feminine Re-Power

I did the programme because I didn’t feel confident in meetings, doubting my abilities and knowledge.  I felt invisible and people did not listen to me when there were more confident people in the room

The programme was fascinating, well presented and extremely enjoyable.  Anne is amazing and makes the material easy to follow and incredibly powerful to use.

I now feel in control in meetings and am seen and heard. It has completely changed how I present myself and also the way people react to me. I could not believe it was possible until I saw it for myself!

This programme is life changing. It all makes sense when you realise what is happening under the surface and why we behave and feel the way we do.  I  have a new perspective now which has made me more credible to senior management and much happier as a professional woman.  I cannot recommend Anne and her programme enough.


Debbie Brown

The Secret Knowledge

We are striving to achieve in a world built for men by men. We’ve unconsciously squashed our true power, to fit into that world. Although we’ve achieved great things, we haven’t been free to truly express our female brilliance.   The female way was labelled as inferior and forbidden by history.  We’ve been conditioned to hold back and avoid the limelight.  That legacy still undermines us.  It undermines us in our careers, and in our personal lives.

You’ll learn exactly how to detach from the straitjacket all women have inherited, and re-ignite your true power – not a hand-wavy new-age concept, but tangible mental abilities.  When your full female power is at your command, life is a whole new ballgame. 

Instead of being limited by those old male benchmarks, it becomes YOU who manipulates the playing field, and creates your life experience.  

Think of yourself as  ‘The Secret Sorceress’ taking your female magical powers into the world – whether that’s the online business and coaching world, the boardroom, academia, law, politics, medicine, finance, or a patriarchal family.   You don’t need to play the game of the status quo, and be limited by the old rules. Instead of a battle, let’s make it fun!

Your rules, your power, your female benchmarks, and your voice – not ‘in your face’ and confrontational – that’s the male way.  No –  we are WAY more subtle.  Subtle and powerful. 

When your mind is unshackled from that legacy, it realises just how powerful you really are.  Power = the safety to shine and outshine!

When your subconscious mind is supporting you instead of undermining you, your female power is unleashed in your voice, your presence, your credibility and your impact.  

You find yourself speaking up, and commanding the room – not by shouting and losing your dignity, but by knowing how to hold the energy that creates what you want.  You actually feel your entitlement instead of just knowing it in theory!

Working with Anne has always been amazing! She knows exactly what she’s doing and knows how to help.

The tools I’ve received are helping me with my pre jitter nerves. I feel like I’m set up with everything I need now that used to hold me back.

I am feeling in my power and I never want to give that away. I am able to speak to people as I’m now on par with them as opposed to beneath them. I can see and feel My confidence and hidden fears no longer take control of me… I feel free!

I joined as I needed help with my nerves and anxiety when speaking to certain groups of people. I was fed up and drained of how I made myself feel when I was faced in an environment that was out of my comfort zone.

I just can’t believe what this course has brought out from me. I am now on an equal level to people I speak with, I no longer give my power away. Even, when the pre nerves kick in before I have to speak to someone senior, I have the tools that put me into my new alignment! How amazing is that?!

The course has also brought out a new confidence and strength. Fear is now a thing of my past 🙂

I have never been so excited for my future as I am now and I can’t thank Anne enough for helping me and others to teach us and give us tools to be the best versions of ourselves.

I highly recommend Dr Anne’s training.  It’s the best investment one can do for themselves.

Thank you so much Anne!! I just can’t thank you enough



Is  this  right  for  you?

The Pioneers, The Visionaries,
The World-Changers

My system works best for women who have DECIDED that they’re going to have the career and life they set their heart on.  They’re women with a mission, something they’re determined to create in the world.  They’re achievers who have chosen careers like the corporate world, science, engineering, technology, business, medicine, finance and law to make their mark.

My programme is especially powerful for women in male-dominated environments, or women who are standing out against the status quo.

OR they’re pioneering women who are determined to make a difference in the world, even if putting themselves out there doesn’t come easily.  They won’t settle for second best, or having to quit their careers because the system is broken.  They don’t want to spend 5 years on spiritual retreat to find themselves and recover from burnout!  They aren’t going to put up with the negativity, the glass ceilings and unconscious bias,  and they aren’t going to give up.  They’ve just been looking for a way to change things, so they can achieve their dreams without the personal cost.

It also helps if you have invested in personal development in the past. 

This IS NOT conventional coaching.  You will be learning to change the energy within yourself and around you using the power of your mind.  So, you also need a willingness to look at the world in a subtle energy way, and are ready to embrace new powers and a new responsibility for your life experience. 

If this is you, then you will get the results.



Town Planner

“I really enjoyed Anne’s Female Power Voice. Anne’s teaching is brilliant and effective.
The course had a great balance of information, live calls, practical workshops so that I really learned to recognise the work situations that I have been giving my power away and importantly the techniques that I can use on a daily basis to change the way that I react in certain situations. This means that I can stay in control of a situation in a calm and effective way. 
I have been using the techniques that Anne has taught us on a daily basis and have seen some good results fairly quickly. I have noticed that I am speaking out a lot more in meetings and with more confidence (particularly in large meetings). Quite honestly my natural instinct is to fade into the background and keep quiet. This natural tendency has been a lifelong battle for me but I do feel that since starting the course it is changing. 
I have used the techniques in high level meetings. When discussing a presentation and criticism was directed at me, instead of panicking and getting flustered (a fairly normal reaction) I remained calm and in control. I explained what we should be talking about and very quickly turned the situation around so that people were saying that’s great, put that on the slide, have more slides. A small win but it felt good. 
I have also attended public meetings to support my boss at work. These meetings can be challenging and you always have to expect the unexpected and any number of random questions can come your way that you would be expected to answer. I have always  attended a public meeting feeling anxious and on edge. However, the first time that I used the techniques I remained calm and relaxed the whole way through the public meeting. I did get questions that I need to respond to. Although, I experienced some interruptions when talking I dealt with them fairly effortlessly. The first interruption was actually helpful and I used it to reinforce a point. The second interruption was less helpful and their understanding was wrong. I quickly and effortlessly corrected them (again not a natural instinct), regained control and moved the discussion on. I really noticed in this meeting just how differently I felt and reacted to what I had to deal with.
The more I use the techniques, the more confident I am becoming in using them and the better the results I am seeing. I have realised that there is a lot I need to work on as like many other women I have gone through life giving my power away in far too many situations and not speaking up confidently. However, I also find this very exciting as I now know that I no longer have to accept this as my default reaction. I can change how I react in any situation with some very effective techniques that Anne has taught us. The possibilities are endless.”         


Multiple Business Owner

“I feel stronger inside and protected on the outside! 

Anne is incredible. I have known her since 2012. In this time she has changed things on a deeper level for me, looking at my own subconscious programming. It’s hard to put into words the changes that have happened within me with this particular program FPV ~ the best way is to say it is that I feel stronger inside & protected on the outside. 

Since FPV it feels like I’m looking from a vantage point almost feeling like I have this protective shield around me. That’s not to say life isn’t up and down, however the way I cope with it; is easier. The program allows freedom to learn our own coping techniques with energy work taught by Anne. I am a multiple business owner, strong in my work relationships & in my field; however with a “male energy’’ be it female or male, I tend to “step back” rather than speak up.  I always knew I had a weakness with these energies, however didn’t understand why or how to change it. I work in a female led industry so didn’t really recognise how this programming hindered me in business. Being in a leadership role means that the words don’t need to come from my mouth directly through speech, so with these “male energies” I learnt a coping strategy – a delegating leadership style & it worked!  This meant I didn’t have to address why it was difficult on a deeper level to me. 

However relationships with the opposite sex proved more costly as I had to speak up to get what I want. 

This programme has encouraged me to face & manage conflict, look at disagreements differently and know that I can change things, noticing where “power” is draining from me. More importantly get what I want! You have to put in the work, commit to change & work at it every single day until it becomes second nature. Sometimes things change quickly sometimes it needs a bit more work to shift things, but either way things are positively moving in the right direction. 

I look forward to the next course. Thank you Anne, for being you and sharing your knowledge 🙂 x”


Business Vice President

“Female Power Voice has been a magical and an incredibly life-changing experience
Since meeting Anne and working with her since 2012, this programme seems the one we’ve been working towards to enter the world of mastery it’s like the cherry on the cake.  Female Power Voice is the one programme I resisted the most out of all the programmes I have been a part of and now I know why; it’s the one I needed the most the missing piece of the puzzle to give my everything/my life the purpose and clarity I had searching for all this time.

Finally finding my voice to achieve all my heart desires, everything now makes so much sense.

Every element of the programme was perfectly created and planned with a great balance of healing and practice. Being a part of group, with exceptionally amazing like-minded women, raised the energies and vibration to bring in an even more powerful programme to shift together.  Before, I used to feel so insecure, anxious and fearful when something happened it could be anything I would feel so lost and not know what to do or where to turn.  Since taking part in this programme, and having all the techniques and tools, it’s like a sense of calmness and a security blanket of the most powerful tools to stay solid as a rock inside without being shaken to the core by external factors.  The techniques have made it so much easier to manage anything that arises, all techniques are transferable to all areas of your life which is the best part.

FVP has been a magical and an incredibly life changing experience, I am still shell-shocked with how instantaneously things can transform when we simply hold our POWER and use our true VOICE.

All areas of my life have taken the most incredible U-turn, I have been given the pay I deserve with a promotion to Vice President too and I have brought my first home.
I am now able to speak up in a positive manner without being fearful or defensive about what I am truly looking for in my love life, the kind of love/partner I want and the life I desire.”

This is “Pull Back Your Power” in action!

When I published my book in 2019, I knew my discoveries would help women in many situations, but the real aim was always to help professional women break through the limits, the toxic environments and the sabotage of the status quo.

I’ve seen so many women suffer with stress, imposter syndrome and burnout – many of whom had to leave their careers.  I believe my tools can free us from that trap.

The Feminine Re-Power is this next level training.

If you’re a professional woman who’s determined to fulfil her potential, I’d love to help you level the playing field for success.


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