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For high-achieving professional women,
breaking new ground in power,
authority and leadership.

Welcome Leaders

IMPACT & LEADERSHIP ELITE is my bespoke, confidential, one to one programme, for high-achieving, pioneering women, who know they are here to break the barriers, and hold genuine feminine leadership and authority – especially those in male-dominated professions, or those who have a big vision to create in the world.  

The power dynamics of the world are still set up to undermine women – and the higher you go, the worse it gets!  If we want the journey to be rewarding and enjoyable, instead of a never-ending battle, we must reprogramme those dynamics ourselves.  This is what my specialist support gives you.

At the end of our time together you will be fully equipped to expand your authority, visibility and impact – and transform with ease anything the status quo throws at you – all while maintaining your wellbeing, feeling safe and being true to your unique female magic.  

We work intimately together over 5 months.  You receive an initial planning session, 15 one to one sessions, my signature VIP Power Upgrade day, and unlimited access to me on Whatsapp or Voxer throughout.  You also receive full access to any of my programmes that are relevant for you.  

The investment is 5 monthly payments of £3333. 
Alternatively, if you prefer to pay in full, the investment is £14,997.

If you are determined to live the highest expression of your female brilliance, without compromise, then it will be my privilege to support you on this journey.

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