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I hope you enjoyed my talk on Pull Back Your Power.  If this was an in-person talk, I’d turn up with a big box of books to give people.  However, with the current circumstances, here’s the next best thing.

Choose your dedication, and you get one signed book for just the postage.

I’d love to hear how you enjoy it, so let me know!

I also invite you to connect with me through my Female Confidence Insider email community, my FB group or through LInkedin.

Best wishes


Signed copy of ‘Pull Back Your Power’

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Dr Anne Whitehouse is the bestselling author of ‘Pull Back Your Power’, a ‘Legend Within’ speaker, a PhD scientist turned Female Power Alchemist, FRSA (Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts), and subconscious transformation expert.  Above all, she is a passionate empowerer of women, dedicated to helping them achieve their full potential and success through activating their innate female brilliance.

Anne works with high-achieving visionary women, facilitating life-changing workshops, talks, mastermind groups and one to one power alchemy, both online and worldwide.  Anne is an expert on magnifying confidence, releasing imposter syndrome, overcoming visibility blocks, transforming subconscious blocks, and showing people how to re-programme the power dynamic around them, by literally pulling back their power.  This changes how they react to the world and how the world reacts to them – with consistent repeatable results.  She lives near Leicester in the UK with her husband and son.

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