Reclaim Your Power

An Exclusive Subconscious
Power Upgrade

This powerful subconscious upgrade will help bring back the power you have lost to the people and events in your life.
Relax, close your eyes, and feel yourself strengthening as your power is recharged and restored.  


Dr Anne 

P.S. Never listen to these resources while driving.

P.P.S. These materials are © Dr Anne Whitehouse and are not for resale. By listening to this recordings you agree to honour the copyright, and that you are responsible for all your decisions and actions afterwards. They are completely compatible with all conventional and alternative therapies and treatments, they do not replace seeing your doctor. 

Dr Anne Whitehouse is the best-selling author of ‘Pull Back Your Power’, PhD Scientist turned power alchemist, FRSA and a success healer to professional women who suffer with imposter syndrome, anxiety, low confidence and who want to step into the spotlight without fear. 

She specialises in helping women to heal their relationship with men, power and money, and overcome patriarchal conditioning and traumas, so they can speak up and shine in any career they choose – even a male-dominated or aggressive one!

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