Safe in the

No more visibility fears!

Safe in the

For the first time, I’m opening my Power Sanctuary library and offering you

6 exclusive mind-upgrades to unblock your success by magnifying your safety.

You’re a visionary professional woman who wants more impact in your career, more success and more income. 

That means being able to speak up confidently in meetings, being able to feel confident and in command, especially with dismissive or aggressive male colleagues. 

And, deep down, although you know you’re qualified and absolutely deserve to be here…you want to FEEL as if you’re actually an equal of everyone else here in your workspace, instead of feeling as if you’re not good enough.

You want to FEEL your authority.  Be given credibility and respect AUTOMATICALLY, instead of being dismissed like a little girl.  You want to FINALLY feel that you’re the EQUAL OF EVERYONE around you, instead of feeling deep-down like an imposter.

Does this sound familiar?

  • Your work space is not what you expected
  • You’re undermined and underestimated
  • You’re not speaking up, and you’re feeling vulnerable
  • Not being able to assert yourself as much as you’d like

Clearly there has to be another way… or is there?

Hi, I’m Dr. Anne Whitehouse and I’m a Female Power Alchemist helping women like you “Pull back your Power” so that you can feel fulfilled and do a great job in your career. . .

Without burnout in the boy’s club. . .

And I’m here to tell you, yes there is a better way (and no, truly. Nothing is wrong with you). 

My story…

After battling for years as a university lecturer (college professor) from Cambridge, in a male-dominated engineering space, I had to finally give up the career I loved because these inner self-sabotages/unconscious blocks were destroying my health and personal life.

I tried everything conventional empowerment told me to do – but nothing worked and I burnt out – spectacularly. 

I didn’t know what was going on. But I made it my mission to find out.  

Since then, and after 20 years researching, seeking for answers, and working with many women individually, I came to new conclusions that have changed my life. What I discovered has transformed my confidence levels, and those of hundreds of women around the world who dealt with this same anxiety, undermining, and feeling restrained –  even though they were way over qualified to succeed. 

Now, we are feeling more in our power than ever before and as if we finally have permission to succeed in the career of our choosing.

And this is exactly what I want for you too, so that you too can have more confidence, feel enough, and truly enjoy your life and your career. 

Introducing the Subconscious Upgrade Bundle

Stop the inner emotional spiral,

And feel self-assured!

My mission now is to help as many women as possible turn these unconscious blocks I’ve mentioned totally around,
so that you can finally feel fulfilled, do well in your career – like you were expecting to all along!

And finally  have the income, status, and respect you deserve to enjoy your life and make a difference, instead of holding back and feeling as if you’re swimming upstream.

What’s the big thing that’s missing in women’s empowerment?  It’s SAFETY!!

There’s so much out there telling you to push yourself out of your comfort zone, to ‘feel the fear and do it anyway’ and ‘fake it till you make it’.  There’s an assumption that every woman should be a ‘kickass’ ‘badass’ ‘gogetting’ type pushing through the old resistance with the power of a bulldozer.

I don’t know about you, but that never was, nor ever could be me!

It’s all very well pushing yourself into those hostile environments, and we may do ok for a while, but under the surface, we just DON’T FEEL SAFE.  This creates inner conflict, stress, anxiety, self-sabotage, and it can make your life a living hell.

The only way we can truly fulfil our career dreams is to create the deep-seated safety underneath that allows us to stand up, speak up, be visible as a leader in our field, without it triggering all that fight or flight.

This is where my healing bundle ‘Safe to Succeed’ comes in. 


Safe to Succeed


This bundle includes exactly what you need to take the next first step to feel supported, powerful,  and safe being yourself as a woman in your field. 

What’s included?

This bundle includes:

3 upgrade healings to unblock the 3 biggest wounds in your unconscious mind as a woman

2 trainings so that you can regain your power and sustain your success over time.

Plus 1 bonus upgrade to help empower you around money as a woman, shedding hundreds of years of programming so that you can finally feel free to earn and thrive financially in your successful career. 

The Healings

1. SAFE TO BE VISIBLE – (mp3 audio clearing, 22 mins)

If you want to make a difference and step into your true female power and leadership, you need to be visible – to be seen. Sounds easy, but many gifted women find this prospect triggers deep fears, blocks and makes them hold back. It is our right to take up space in the world and hold positions of power and authority – rather than just the support, hidden roles that were traditionally ours. This healing releases subconscious blocks that tell you it’s not safe to be truly visible.

2. SAFE TO SPEAK UP AND BE HEARD – (mp3 audio clearing, 17 mins)

Women have been conditioned to silence themselves on many levels for centuries. This ancestral patterning still takes away our voice today. This healing helps you release those ancient blocks, and allows you to connect to your 21st century rights and entitlements to speak up, hold authority, have an opinion and be heard – Within our families, with men, in society, and in your career. In this healing we create a power foundation to support our voice in the world.

3. SAFE TO TRULY BE YOU – (mp3 audio clearing, 22 mins)

Releasing the conditioning that makes women suppress ourselves to fit in, to please others, and to do what the status quo expects of us. If you’ve ever felt restrained, constricted, or felt fear in expressing yourself, then this means you’re squeezing yourself into the expectations and rules of others. Before you can truly fly, you need to be free to be yourself. 


The Trainings

Now that you’ve got your healing and unblocking underway, it’s time to learn how to be free in your power so you can truly thrive, and bring in the new energy.

1. FREEDOM to have a POWERFUL VOICE – (Video training and healing, 44 mins)

In this group healing, we go deep into our ancestry and create the foundation we need to stand in our voice and message POWERFULLY, even when those around us are trying to shout us down, ignore us or undermine us.  The missing link – having a power foundation that supports us in those places. 

2. FREEDOM to be a POWERFUL WOMAN – (Video training and healing, 38 mins)

The ‘Witch-Wound’ is a deep group conscious trauma that affects all women. So many powerful women have been persecuted and executed over the centuries all over the world. Why? Because they threatened the patriarchy and the status quo. This triggers deep fears in our subconscious minds when we begin to step into our true power. Freeing ourselves from this is an essential step to visibility, leadership and impact here and now.


 3. BONUS!  FREEDOM to be EMPOWERED THROUGH MONEY – (Healing, 60 mins)

Money is power – we’ve all heard this.  Truth is that women have been controlled and limited for centuries because we did not control the money.   This used to be entrenched in every family, in law and the gender pay gap is the legacy of this that still undermines women today. This clearing works to disconnect you from those old patterns, and create a money power foundation.  Without a money power foundation you can’t hold the energy of money.  Now is time to free yourself from those historical limits.

Why these healings work

These clearings aren’t just woo woo or magic (although it does feel like it!) but incorporate a logical procedure using my unique Female Power Alchemy techniques, which are designed to work gently with your subconscious patterning, so you can see results, without a lot of work or time on your part. 

Why you need this:

If you are a woman that wants much less sabotage,  more confidence, less stress gets angry when dismissed or interrupted, but thinks it’s just something she has to put up with?

  • Feels restrained but doesn’t know why, and stresses about what others think of her/criticism.
  • ANNOYED that she feels like this!

and wants to feel as if you’re actually an equal of everyone else here, instead of feeling “I’m not good enough”.

So that….you can achieve status, respect, credibility, money, and LOVING your career, fulfilled.

And let’s be honest… Loving yourself instead of feeling inadequate. Then you need this type of healing. 

Why? Because without healing the root of why you feel pain and burn out, then no matter what you do, it will always feel like an uphill struggle.  The status quo will continue to hold the power. 

Without taking the right action you’ll stay in the same loop of what you’re experiencing.

Without these freedoms, we’ll just repeat history. 

Imagine feeling…

Free of the inner spiral, and feeling self-assured 


in command…

So you can enjoy and do well in your career, and feel great doing it.


In order to really make it in this field that you’ve chosen, you need to 

release limiting blocks to take you further in your career… 

While bringing in more power to help you sustain it in your male-dominated field / in the boys club.

I don’t want you to end up like me, within a year from feeling this way be burnt out and on leave from my career. 

And I want you to know that by you healing this, you are doing work and impacting more than just you. You are helping heal the planet, and future generations of women that will follow YOU.


You can turn this around and totally make the difference you were here to make. 

“Since working with Anne, I have experienced a long-lasting shift in my life vision, been able to address unbalanced relationships and behaviour, and step out into a more influential role than I had ever envisaged. Although uncovering past pain and confronting irrational beliefs takes some processing, through her energetic interventions Anne does most of the work, leaving you to enjoy and be inspired by the results. More women should step into their power with Anne’s help.”


“I heartily recommend working with Anne if you want to get rid of the invisible bounds that truly hold women back, especially if you have a message you want to share, need to get visible to be effective, and want to define success your way – in fact, you owe it to yourself to release up more of your own power”


Only one year after I was feeling this way, I was lying on my sofa with an end to my scientific career, burnt out and sick. Luckily, I turned this around into finding the true root of why I felt so much resistance in my career – but women like us shouldn’t have to lose the careers we’ve put so much work into.  We should be free to thrive, even in male-dominated  or cut-throat professions.  I don’t want the same to happen to you, which is why I created this bundle. This can be your first step forward in creating the “power foundation”, safety with confidence, so you can start freeing yourself from these blocks.  It’s time for you to finally have what you need to fully thrive in your career, including the income, status, impact, and fulfilment you were meant for all along.

Healing these subconscious blocks is the next step to truly moving forward in your career, and wellbeing.

Each woman who frees herself contributes not only to her own fulfilment, but helps the bigger mission to make this planet a more loving, caring place – and one in which women are no longer held back!  I hope you are on board.

To your success and power,

Anne x

Get in your power now to do your job confidently. 

Hurry, as this bundle is only available for a limited time before they go back into the Power Sanctuary vault. 

Your true power to do the job you were meant to do awaits.


P.S. NEVER LISTEN WHILE DRIVING – These recordings work powerfully with your subconscious mind and will make you drowsy.

Dr Anne Whitehouse is a #1 bestselling author, speaker, a PhD Scientist turned power alchemist, FRSA, and subconscious transformation expert.  Starting off in the world of academic science, she came up against the ‘boys’ club’, battled with stress, anxiety and burnout. After leaving her scientific career, she spent 20 years researching the subconscious world to understand what really undermines high-achievers.  Her solution is published in ‘Pull Back Your Power’. 

Anne now teaches visionary professional women to hold their power under pressure, speak up confidently, and feel safe standing out as a leader in their field – even in a room full of dismissive aggressive co-workers.

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