Power Expansion Single Session

Expansion  Quantum  Leap…

If you want to OPEN yourself a new level of POWER in your life, and MAINTAIN that power – without resistance, without rejecting it, and without retreating back into invisibility – then your body must be able to HOLD that energy.  The reason why we get stuck at a particular level of visibility, impact and power isn’t about our abilities, it’s because life turns our bodies into energetic sieves!

Traumas, ancestral blocks, and conditioning sit in our energy fields, and in the cellular memory of our bodies, literally rejecting power as we try to hold it!  We end up in an exhausting pattern of pushing ourselves, while our energy drains away.

In this signature bespoke session, I bring my laser focus to your energy matrix, and using high vibration energies lift out those undermining patterns, release mental and emotional sabotaging blocks, AND re-pattern your energy field to welcome power and hold it.

The result – a quantum up-levelling in the vibration  – meaning more ease of being seen, being heard, holding power and generating abundance.

The investment for this bespoke single session is £697

(Please note that this is NOT for physical illnesses and conditions.  I am not a medical doctor and I do not diagnose or cure. Always consult your doctor if you believe you are ill.)

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