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Online Business De-Stress Kit

Online Business De-Stress Kit

Female Entrepreneurs!

Stressed with your automations? Overwhelmed with your todo list? Freaking out because you’re going to be seen? Feeling like a complete fraud? Don’t worry, here is your solution! 

This kit empowers you to silence your inner critic, free yourself from overwhelm, blast through visibility fears and start shining confidently online.  All the resources are designed to work gently, but powerfully with your subconscious mind.

Succeeding in the online space requires action, but that action needs to be supported from within.  Hidden blocks, subconscious limits and fears undermine our confidence, ramp up our stress, and prevent us from having the impact that we desire and deserve.  But you can take back control now. This is the ‘mind magic’ you need.  

To get the most out of the de-stress kit, listen to the audios as soon as possible.  Then revisit them whenever you feel stress ramping or blocks coming up for you.

To help you get even more benefit, I’ll be sending you some powerful mindset shifts and resources over the coming days.  You will receive download links by email.

Make sure you won’t be disturbed for a few minutes, turn off your phone, and relax.  Hope you enjoy the de-stress kit!



P.S. Never listen to these resources while driving.

P.P.S  Please note that all these materials are © Dr Anne Whitehouse, and are for your personal use only.  They are not for resale. 
By listening to these recordings you agree to honour the copyright, and that you are responsible for all your decisions and actions afterwards. They are completely compatible with all conventional and alternative therapies and treatments, they do not replace seeing your doctor. 

1. Release   Overwhelm

Overwhelm is a downwards spiral of doom.  The more things get on top of us, the more we begin to panic and believe we’ll never get everything done. This in turn ramps up our stress, and makes everything worse. When we are in this state, everything looks more difficult, less attainable, and we begin to doubt our own abilities.  The truth is that you are capable, intelligent, logical and motivated.  You can do everything you put your mind to.  You can sort out the tech stuff. You can plan your launch.  You can organise that promotion.  Once you disconnect from the destructive energy of overwhelm you can take everything in your stride.

2. Safe To   Shine

When we step out into the online space, we put ourselves in the public eye, and fears of judgement, criticism and being attacked usually follow.  These visibility blocks make us hold back, sabotage our own efforts, and can even stop us from making the next move at all.  This clearing releases the subconscious patterns that tell us it’s not safe to be ‘out there’.

3. Own  Your  Worth

The inner voice that tells us ‘who am I to think I can do this?’ undermines us again and again, sapping our confidence and making us hold back instead of owning our value and the value of what we offer to the world.  This clearing will help you release those old patterns, and help you connect to your true abilities.

Dr Anne Whitehouse is an author, a PhD Scientist turned power alchemist, FRSA, subconscious transformation expert and success coach.  Starting off in the world of academic science, she came up against the ‘boys’ club’, battled with stress, anxiety and burnout. After leaving her scientific career, she spent 20 years researching the subconscious world to understand what really undermines high-achievers.  Her solution is published in ‘Pull Back Your Power’. 

Now a successful entrepreneur and empowerment expert, she works with professional women helping them ditch imposter syndrome and awaken their full power to succeed without sacrificing their wellbeing.  

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