Liberate yourself from Patriarchy, Violation & Trauma,
& become a leader in the new paradigm. 



Liberate yourself from Patriarchy, Violation & Trauma,
& become a leader in the new paradigm. 

“If I look back at my life now,
from when I first had a session with Anne,
people would not believe I am the same person.“


“Power is not about belief in yourself. 

Power is the ability to create and sustain
the changes you desire.

The world as we know it was created by warped and traumatised power.  Crushed feminine, oppressive masculine.

We cannot create the new from this place. Instead we must restore our forgotten magnificence, by making our power whole again.

My gift is to find and heal the power drains in your past, re-ignite your divine masculine and feminine free of trauma, violation & patriarchy, giving you the freedom and safety bring your unique brilliance to the world.  This is the new consciousness.”

Dr Anne Whitehouse
Author, Speaker, Expert on the Patriarchy
& Healer of male/female power dynamics

Anne is the best-selling author of ‘Pull Back Your Power’, a scientist turned healer, musician, creative & visionary, thought-leader & founder of the RePower® healing modality.

A former academic engineer, the sexual and psychological violations experienced in a toxic patriarchal environment led to a spiral of stress which culminated in a brutal burnout that ended her career.  After two decades of research and journeying deep into the subtle workings of the mind, she developed a groundbreaking system to reclaim power on the deepest level of mind and body.

Anne specialises in helping you rebuild your personal power after trauma or violation, making it safe to shine without limits and transforming the very fabric of your world. An expert on the subconscious mind and a highly skilled quantum energy weaver, Anne’s gift is finding and healing the ‘power drains’ in your past that are sabotaging your life today. 

Anne has helped hundreds of people world-wide to reawaken their divine power, through her writing, programmes, subconscious healings and one to one.



Free resources to reduce your stress, calm fear & align you with your Divine Power.

Deep Relaxation Coral Healing 

I have specially created this energy clearing to release stress, anxiety and tension from your mind and body.  This recording works deeply with your brainwaves, helping you to release the patterns that are triggering your body’s stress mechanisms, and helping you to relax and let go.

Power Tools Taster

This video clip from a recent masterclass I gave talks you through the very start of the power alchemy power tools, and gives you a flavour of what it’s like! 

This is a taster of the techniques you can learn to change and control the power dynamic between you and those around you.

How to feel good enough

This transformational mindset shift will get your power back from the subconscious voice that undermines your confidence and makes you feel like an imposter. 

Safe to be visible

Free yourself from subconscious fears around being truly seen – whether that’s in your career, out online, or just being noticed in life.  To get the benefit, simply relax and listen to my voice.


Bestselling book, ‘Pull Back Your Power’ takes you on a journey through The Six Keys of Female Empowerment – discovered through my personal experiences as a high-achieving female who suffered disempowerment by the patriarchy.   This is the secret of freedom from patriarchy and disempowerment by men – which opens the door to your true power.


What a fantastic read! The author goes above and beyond explaining and guiding women through a journey that can truly make females feel empowered within themselves!

Easy to follow, I skim read the book initially and everything I read made so much sense, making me wonder why no one has discovered this sooner?


I wish this book was available 23 years ago, when I re-entered the job market. So many light bulbs have gone off in my head reading this wonderful book.

If I could give it 10 stars I would. I can’t tell you how happy I am now I realise that it was the patriarchal system that was broken and not me.

Thank you so much Dr Anne Whitehouse for this groundbreaking study. It is a goldmine for every woman, and for every parent of daughters.


I cannot believe I have finally come across the missing information I have been searching for, after so many years – I am so amazed by this book that I simply had to share how I felt about it:

This book explained to me the reasons I kept getting stuck when trying to move forward. I found myself soaking up what the author was explaining like a sponge; it just made so much sense.
I love how the book explains such an important issue that we all face every day in such a charming and easy to understand story.  I believe this is a must read for every woman.


This book has truly changed my life and the lens through which I view myself, relationships and the world of work. 

Anne Whitehouse has put it into words the experience I had been going though first as an engineer, then as a successful women earning on par with my husband, and then in business. It has helped me re-write the script of my life with a greater truth and reality. This book provided me with the tools to transform my personal power. Within days I have been doing things differently, and people are responding differently to me because my energy has shifted. 

This book is a true gift and I really believe everyone, men included, would benefit from reading it. Thank you Anne for putting forward the words to describe my experiences in work and relationships, and for the wisdom to help people understand and resolve this split from our true nature and highest potential.


If you have ever doubted yourself, your confidence or your self-worth and wondered why you’re not living the life you always dreamed about, despite knowing you are more than capable, then this is 100% the book for you.

Anne has an incredible way of explaining why your subconscious programming is holding you back – from the stories you tell yourself, the beliefs you hold, to the patriarchy and social norms you live by.

Coming across as warm, caring and authentic, Anne has gone to the deepest levels of human conditioning on her mission to empower women and help them to achieve their full potential…their own fairy tale!

A truly inspiring read, thank you x


Dr Anne Whitehouse’s explanation on the role the subconscious plays is one all professional women need to read, it seemed so obvious after understanding how it affects us but I have not seen it presented in this way before. The book is an engaging read, broken up into to easily digestible takeaways. Highly recommend!


This book so revealing that I read it straight in 2 days! It is clear and eloquently written, and it helped me understand what is holding us women back, and more importantly, what we can do to change that and enjoy our lives and achievements fully.

It includes very easy and practical tools to shift and help us transform. 

This book will definitely continue to reach, inspire and transform a million women and more!!  Thank you Dr Anne Whitehouse for bringing joy, hope, excitement and peace with your amazing book.

“I will use the skills I’ve learnt for
the rest of my life!”


Ready to go on a journey to heal your power on the deepest level,
and transform the way you feel in the world.








Bespoke 3-Month One to One,
to transform your power
(by application)

“Anne has been incredible, her amazing energy skills combined with her
genuine kind and caring nature has been transformational.”


Join Anne in her membership

You will receive monthly live calls,
over 70 masterclasses & subconscious healings worth over £2000
a community of empowered women & access to Anne’s support.

“The weekly calls along with the self study programme and downloadable meditations
have all contributed to moving me into a much better place
where I’m finally reclaiming and holding my power.”


A profoundly magical programme to restore your magnificent female power.

Unlock the mysteries of the divine feminine with Anne in this unique power training.
Over four months you receive exquisite Rose Attunements to the heart,
to heal your violations, sacred wounds & transform your relationship with the masculine.

“I can change how I react in any situation with some very effective techniques that Anne has taught us. The possibilities are endless.” 


This isn’t mindset.  It isn’t belief change. It isn’t coaching.

This is where you reclaim the power of your ancient ancestors, transcending patriarchy, and embracing profound freedom to shine, succeed, love and receive.  Here you will transform your relationship with men, power and your past.

Free yourself from your past negative experiences, the sabotage of expectation, trauma and heritage, and bringing profound resilience to hold your power – anywhere, with anyone.

Blocks and obstacles fall away, revealing flow and fulfilment.  You experience a deep connection with yourself and your value, free of past traumas, imposter syndrome, people-pleasing or the expectations of others. Limitations of your heritage, family or history release, leaving you free to start living your full light and purpose. 

When you are RePowered you will…

Expand your authority, visibility and impact, and feel safe.
Feel supremely confident in situations that used to stress you out.
Sail through limits instead of getting stuck.
Get promotions and pay rises without it triggering your husband or partner.
Hold your power with confrontational people.
Regain your power after sexual harassment or abuse.
Transform your relationships with men into enlightened partnership, instead of competition or power-struggles.
Speak up powerfully and get heard. 
Feel safe and poised in the spotlight.
Unlock new levels of wisdom, intuition and razor-sharp clarity.
No more imposter syndrome or visibility fears.

Achieve your highest mission and bring your gifts to the world!

“I now find that I can speak easily and I feel competent and no longer stressed.
It’s been absolutely life-changing for me.”

I signed up with Anne 15 years after the attack.  I had thought I’d put the rape behind me, but the truth is I’d just suppressed it.  I’d started my own business, employing over twenty people, and was pretty successful I thought, but then my stress began to skyrocket.  I began to suffer terrible panic attacks, migraines, nausea and dizziness.  Some days I couldn’t get out of the house because of the anxiety.  My work began to suffer and I knew I had to do something. 

After the first intensive session with Anne I felt as if a huge weight had lifted from me. After this we addressed my feelings of anger and resentment about the attack. I had thought I’d never be able to let these things go, but I found a new understanding and have been able to. 

My physical symptoms have subsided dramatically.  I feel relaxed and my sleeping is better.  I’m now back at work and ready to take my business to the next level.  I’m so grateful I invested in myself with Anne.


Despite having a successful year in business there were several occasions where I had my power well and truly depleted. This had left me feeling unsettled and holding back from achieving my true potential.

Anne has been incredible, her amazing energy skills combined with her genuine kind and caring nature has been transformational.

I am using Anne’s power skills on a daily basis and feel a lot more in control in situations that previously had the potential to drain me.

I was initially reluctant to join Anne’s programme, it sounded great but something was holding me back, that “something” was my subconscious mind. There was part of me that felt afraid of the deep changes that would inevitably happen. I’m so pleased that I took action and joined. The weekly calls along with the self study programme and downloadable meditations have all contributed to moving me into a much better place where I’m finally reclaiming and holding my power. Thank you for a wonderful experience Anne.


Author & Coach

I’d struggled with confidence my whole life. I’m a lawyer and need to talk to clients on a daily basis. I found it so frustrating and agonising – my stress levels were sky high and it was beginning to really affect my health.

After working with Anne I came to understand that I learnt the pattern of giving my power away back in my childhood as a survival mechanism, and I’ve just repeated the same thing over and over in my life.

We released the trauma and fear from my childhood, and I don’t know how it happened, but it really shifted something deep inside me.

I now find that I can speak easily and I feel competent and no longer stressed. It’s been absolutely life-changing for me.

I’m deeply grateful for this programme with Anne.



Since working with Anne, I have experienced a long-lasting shift in my life vision, been able to address unbalanced relationships and behaviour, and step out into a more influential role than I had ever envisaged.

Although uncovering past pain and confronting irrational beliefs takes some processing, through her energetic interventions Anne does most of the work, leaving you to enjoy and be inspired by the results.

More women should step into their power with Anne’s help.

LUCY McCARRAHER - Professional Speaker, Author, Publisher & Founder of Business Book Awards

For the last few years, my magic has felt blocked in this one, REALLY specific way that’s been DEEPLY frustrating and led to an undesirable amount of struggle and spinning my wheels.

This morning, I had an AMAZING session with the incredibly intuitive Dr. Anne Whitehouse and I couldn’t recommend it more highly.
Not only did she TOTALLY get my struggle (and it’s been hard to articulate for me, and also so confusing that it feels slightly embarrassing) but she was able to go back lifetimes for me, FIND the sources of the issues, and clear them to prevent them from hobbling me in THIS lifetime.

I felt SO heard, and could feel sticky webs of bindings and past life agreements and contracts dissolving in a way that made so much sense to me.

If you’re blocked in a way that makes no sense to you, or are struggling under weight and baggage that seem too big for you to address and release by yourself I HIGHLY encourage you to get in touch with Anne.

Britt Bolnick

Entrepreneur, Author & Business Coach

Despite a TEDx Talk, a sold-out national inspirational speaking tour, being a crowd-funded publisher, a published author, and the first British female film director with a movie in the cinemas, I felt like I have been doing this chained to an unimaginable weight, dragging me back, and on my knees after every achievement.

After working with Anne, I was not only able to fill my Signature Speech Programme but I appeared on the stage in Los Angeles with a Transformational Comedy gig, lead a year long speaking mentorship, and start my own web-show.

I heartily recommend working with Anne if you want to get rid of the invisible bounds that truly hold women back, especially if you have a message you want to share, need to get visible to be effective, and want to define success your way – in fact, you owe it to yourself to release  more of your own power.

MELANIE GOW - Professional Speaker, Business Coach and Legend Maker


To explore how your situation can be transformed with my help, schedule a 30 minute deep-dive complementary call.

“Anne’s  teaching  is  brilliant  and  effective!”

Elizabeth L. 

“An  incredibly  life-changing  experience!”

Hema P.


So I’ve asked Anne to come speak at two of my events now – why…?
Well there are a few reasons why
1. Anne REALLY knows her stuff! She literally lives and breaths her message
2. What she knows is powerful and EVERY WOMAN needs this understanding
3. Anne wants to change the world as do I, that makes partnering with her not just enjoyable but mission driven and purposeful.

I wholeheartedly recommend Dr Anne Whitehouse as a presenter of world changing ideas that help women heal, pull back their power and lead important meaningful change.

Dion Johnson

The Womanologist

Dr Whitehouse was a guest speaker for Accelerated Global Connections, a National Networking organization in the USA and presented on how men and women have deep rooted cultural ties influencing their abilities to succeed. The research she has conducted and lived through spoke directly to the hurdles both men and women face internally when it comes to self-beliefs and succeeding in business.

The feedback from our audience was exceptional and many expressed gratitude for showing them that they are not alone and shedding light on what they can do to move past those internal cultural ties.

Her vibrant speaking style, genuine passion for her topic, and the care she took to provide value to our audience was evident throughout her presentation. She was engaging, and thought-provoking all while showing pathways to moving ahead in life and business.

In my book, she is an A+ presenter! I highly recommend Dr. Anne as a keynote speaker for any corporate or business event!

Amy Thiesen

Accelerated Global Connections


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