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Are you a ‘Secret  Introvert’?

Are you driven to succeed in the world, prove yourself and make a difference?

Are you a high-flyer in your field, who never gives up, and sets high standards for yourself?


You feel deeply unsafe in the spotlight, when all eyes are on you.

You keep putting yourself out there, but you have to push through anxiety and stress every day, and it’s exhausting.

You desire more visibility, more impact, but the mere thought fills you with dread rather than excitement.

That’s just the way it is for women like us…right?

 There  is  another  option!

It’s not your character making you react this way.

It’s because the world is DRAINING POWER from you,
triggering your body to feel unsafe.

I can teach you to stop the power drain
in its tracks. 

Even if you’re introvert, or reserved
Even if you’re working in an aggressive or male-dominated career
Even if you’ve had a patriarchal upbringing

You will learn to literally HOLD THE POWER in
events, meetings, situations and conversations.
Leaving you RELAXED and SHINING
instead of feeling attacked or exhausted.

Speaking up effortlessly, in groups, with men.

It’s not coaching, it’s not mindset,
it’s something dramatically different!

Here’s  how  I  can  help  you

Let ‘s  fall  in  love  with  the  limelight!

40  Days  to  Double  Your  Confidence

Even if you’ve felt invisible your whole life!

This dramatically different confidence training teaches you to stop the power drain when you’re dealing with the world, and magnify your power when you need it.  So you FEEL confident, REACT with self-assuredness and INSPIRE respect from those around you.

When  you  know  the  Re-Power™  Techniques

You expand your authority, visibility and impact, without it feeling as if you’re going to your execution.

You hold supreme feminine confidence in situations that used to leave you feeling exhausted and undermined.

It feels natural to speak up and get notice, even with dismissive or aggressive people.

Imposter syndrome, visibility fears and holding back become a thing of the past.

Relationships transform – at work and at home.

Hold grace, poise and profound feminine power, as you change the world!

All without faking anything, pushing through anxiety, or changing who you are.

About  Dr  Anne

Anne Whitehouse, PhD FRSA, is a leading expert in Female Power, a healer, best-selling author, and most definitely a secret introvert herself!  A former metallurgical engineer, the strain of succeeding in that ‘boys’ club’ world caused her to spiral into a spectacular burnout 25 years ago.  A pattern experienced by many high-flying women.

Dr Anne has spent two decades unravelling the hidden power dynamic that undermines women – and has developed her unique solution.  Her work integrates the worlds of scientific analysis, subtle energy healing and female ‘magic’.

A thought-leader and change-maker, she specialises in reawakening true female power – freeing women from undermining effects of disempowering conditioning, patriarchal bias and traumatic life experiences, to embody their full power and unique leadership.

Her ground-breaking techniques put you in control of the power.  Your system feels safe, and it becomes automatic to speak up, hold authority, sail through limits, flourish in the spotlight and make a bigger impact than you ever thought possible.

She has worked with hundreds of women, worldwide, helping them step into more success, more visibility and more impact – without the stress!  Read her client success stories here.

 have recently completed Anne’s course aimed at helping career women in the workplace and it was excellent. It was really well designed and took you through the programme step by step to build up your understanding of the techniques that she was teaching and to get you using them on a daily basis.

The techniques are incredibly effective and I have seen positive results when using them very quickly. It has made a huge difference as to how I feel at work and how I react in challenging situations that I would have previously found very difficult. I am becoming far more confident, relaxed and trusting in my own skills and ability to do my job.

The techniques that I have learnt are also very transferable to non-work situations and I am using them a lot more to create a little bit of magic in my life and help things to go my way! 


Town Planner

Despite having a successful year in business there were several occasions where I had my power well and truly depleted. This had left me feeling unsettled and in a position where I felt unsettled and holding back from achieving my true potential.

Anne has been incredible, her amazing energy skills combined with her genuine kind and caring nature has been transformational.

I am using Anne’s power skills on a daily basis and feel a lot more in control in situations that previously had the potential to drain me.

I was initially reluctant to join Anne’s programme, it sounded great but something was holding me back, that “something” was my subconscious mind. There was part of me that felt afraid of the deep changes that would inevitably happen. I’m so pleased that I took action and joined. The weekly calls along with the self study programme and downloadable meditations have all contributed to moving me into a much better place where I’m finally reclaiming and holding my power. Thank you for a wonderful experience Anne.


Author & Coach

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Bespoke one-to-one for exceptional women, ready for their highest level of impact and leadership. 

By application only.

“Anne’s  teaching  is  brilliant  and  effective!”

Elizabeth L. 

“Since working with Anne, I have experienced a long-lasting shift in my life vision, and I’ve stepped out into a more influential role than I had ever envisaged.

In the last ten years I’ve co-founded a business that has grown from a two-person start-up to an international team of 40; I’m the author of 12 books, the most experienced mentor in my field, and I’ve founded a successful set of industry awards. And yet I felt blocked – prevented from moving forward by some deep-seated and unarticulated fear of being more visible, of achieving beyond a certain level. I was introduced to Anne and read her book, which resonated with me on an emotional and intellectual level, and opened my eyes to the ancient beliefs we still subconsciously hold about women’s place in the world.

When I decided to work with Anne as a coach, I had no idea what to expect – and nothing could have prepared me for Anne’s extraordinary ability to read my past experiences, review present relationships and illuminate future aspirations. It felt a bit like entering a steampunk world where my guide, who I trusted implicitly, could magically reveal hidden oaths and buried beliefs – and then dismantle those deep-seated blocks and recalibrate my confidence, power and self-belief through mechanisms beyond my comprehension. But it’s not magic – Anne’s knowledge and experience is reassuringly scientific. As I sat in front of my laptop, talking to my gentle, empathetic coach and seeing her apply her energetic skills, I could feel unexpectedly intense shifts in my perception, my personal power and my sense of purpose.

Since working with Anne, I have experienced a long-lasting shift in my life vision, been able to address unbalanced relationships and behaviour, and step out into a more influential role than I had ever envisaged. Although uncovering past pain and confronting irrational beliefs takes some processing, through her energetic interventions Anne does most of the work, leaving you to enjoy and be inspired by the results. More women should step into their power with Anne’s help.

LUCY McCARRAHER - Professional Speaker, Author, Publisher & Founder of Business Book Awards

Despite a TEDx Talk, a sold-out national inspirational speaking tour, being a crowd-funded publisher, a published author, and the first British female film director with a movie in the cinemas, I felt like I have been doing this chained to an unimaginable weight, dragging me back, and on my knees after every achievement.

Being the sort of woman who rises up and comes back out on to the battle field every time she is knocked down, I thought this came with the terrain – after all, I’m doing hard things. I was almost proud of the scars, I am certainly proud of the achievements, but I wanted to create greater possibility for others and wondered just what else I had to do?

When Anne explained the Power Foundation all women are missing, and the 3D Spider’s Web, it all made sense. It’s not me (or you) it’s a medieval social contract I signed not to “outshine men”, or own property, or countless wounding that carries down my maternal lineage, it’s some Joan of Arc legacy stored back there in my (all our) operating system.

After working with Anne, I was not only able to fill my Signature Speech Programme but I appeared on the stage in Los Angeles with a Transformational Comedy gig, lead a year long speaking mentorship, and start my own web-show, The Legend Within, all about Mind Goblins, big ideas, and better stories.

I heartily recommend working with Anne if you want to get rid of the invisible bounds that truly hold women back, especially if you have a message you want to share, need to get visible to be effective, and want to define success your way – in fact, you owe it to yourself to release up more of your own power.”

MELANIE GOW - Professional Speaker, Business Coach and Legend Maker

“An  incredibly  life-changing  experience!”

Hema P.

So I’ve asked Anne to come speak at two of my events now – why…?
Well there are a few reasons why
1. Anne REALLY knows her stuff! She literally lives and breaths her message
2. What she knows is powerful and EVERY WOMAN needs this understanding
3. Anne wants to change the world as do I, that makes partnering with her not just enjoyable but mission driven and purposeful.

I wholeheartedly recommend Dr Anne Whitehouse as a presenter of world changing ideas that help women heal, pull back their power and lead important meaningful change.

Dion Johnson

The Womanologist

Dr Whitehouse was a guest speaker for Accelerated Global Connections, a National Networking organization in the USA and presented on how men and women have deep rooted cultural ties influencing their abilities to succeed. The research she has conducted and lived through spoke directly to the hurdles both men and women face internally when it comes to self-beliefs and succeeding in business.

The feedback from our audience was exceptional and many expressed gratitude for showing them that they are not alone and shedding light on what they can do to move past those internal cultural ties.

Her vibrant speaking style, genuine passion for her topic, and the care she took to provide value to our audience was evident throughout her presentation. She was engaging, and thought-provoking all while showing pathways to moving ahead in life and business.

In my book, she is an A+ presenter! I highly recommend Dr. Anne as a keynote speaker for any corporate or business event!

Amy Thiesen

Accelerated Global Connections

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