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Welcome Aspirational Women!

I’ve created these special audios to help you get the most out of “Pull Back Your Power”.  They will help you to master all the power techniques I talk about in the book, and take your transformation deeper.

Before we start, make sure you read this important information. 



Done that?   Great!   Now we can get started!  Make sure you check your email as I’ll be sending your links and more information shortly.

The meditations and energy clearings I’ve created correspond precisely with the exercises in the book. If you use the audios, you will get a deeper clearing, so it is well worth spending the time!

All that remains is to say how delighted I am that you are ready to pull back your power and change your life. 

With love

Anne xx

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Heart Meditation

This heart meditation is relaxing and destressing, but much much more. When you do this regularly, it will help you to release blocks and sabotaging patterns from your mind and body, and free yourself from negativity. It will also help you to change the messages you put out into the world, and change the energies around you.

You can do this using my recording to help you until you are really familiar with the process. Then you can just make that connection at any time you need a bit of extra support, or come across a situation you want to shift.

As with all my audio recordings, NEVER listen to them when you are driving!

Compassion Meditation

The compassion meditation is a powerful self-healing tool. It is this which will help you to free yourself from all that self-judgement and self-criticism which has been holding you back.

Remember that if you keep judging yourself negativity, the rest of the world will follow that example.

It can be tempting to miss this bit out – to think it isn’t important and rush on to the power exercises – but this in itself is a self-sabotage. It took me many years to realise that nothing was going to change until I stopped beating myself up about everything! 

Use this meditation to clear the judgements of your past, and also to help you in the moment. I can’t emphasise enough just how powerful it is to bring compassion into your life.  

Remember, when you stop criticisng yourself, you raise your vibration and automatically generate positive energy in your life.

Freedom From Patriarchal Beliefs

Freedom from Patriarchal Beliefs

Patriarchal Belief Clearing

The subconscious operating systems of society, and deep within our minds, are still rooted in the past.  The past is patriarchal. This is the legacy we have inherited. No matter how much you believe in your rights and freedoms as a modern woman, there will be disempowering patriarchal limiting beliefs deep in your mind. These undermine you daily because they create inner conflict. 

This clearing is designed to release those obsolete patterns from your subconscious.  This isn’t something you want to listen to just once, instead come back to it regularly, especially when you feel yourself being blocked or limited. The legacy of the past – and our lack of power foundation – is underpinned by patriarchal beliefs. Now is your time to free yourself from that obsolete rubbish!

Pull Back Your Power

Pull Back Your Power

The Pull Back Your Power

In this audio I’m going to talk you through the Pull Back Your Power technique step by step. We are going to do it using the heart energy which will make it more powerful.

Once you have got the hang of it, you will be able to do this more and more quickly.  Our goal is to make it an automatic way of interacting with people.

Remember, we are retraining your mind, body and energy field to behave in a very different way. More than likely you have spent most of your life allowing your power to be drained away. It is not quick or easy to change this. BUT if you practise and persevere, you will start to hold your power when you interact with the world.

The short version is for you to get the hang of the technique. This is the way you will use it as you go through  your day, dealing with situations as they come up.

If you want a deeper power transformation, then use the longer version, when you have time to relax and take it to a more profound level.



Redefining Perfection
Energy Clearing

This energy clearing is your goto tool whenever you are experiencing stress, anxiety or feel blocked. The root cause of this stress is very likely to be those forbidden labels which are telling you that doing, being and having what you want in life will get you punished.  It is the obsolete subconscious programming from history holding you back.

Remember – you don’t believe any of this stuff! Your subconscious has an instantaneous knee-jerk reaction which undermines you. Not only this but the people around you will likely have the same subconscious programmes which will further undermine you.

Doing this energy clearing will help to remove those subconscious forbidden labels, and will make it easier for you to embrace your rights and freedoms to do whatever you want.



Escaping The Web Of Limitation

Our final clearing is incredibly important. When women start to break free of those disempowering patterns, and begin to expand, sooner or later they hit the 3D web limitation – those energetic limits that hold us back as soon as we start to equal and surpass the old patriarchal limits.

When we do this, it triggers those old subconscious programmes which create fear, blocks and associated fear, stress and anxiety.  Alternatively, they can trigger blocks, delay, procrastination, conflict and other issues with the people in our lives.

This sucks!

However this is the world we have been born into. What we need is a method of freeing ourselves instead of falling victim to the sabotage.

If you find yourself coming across blocks, conflict, stress and anxiety when you start to progress and become more empowered, then this is when you need to use this clearing.

As a Female Power Alchemist, I help aspirational women like you to reactivate their ancient intrinsic magic, to become the powerful Sorceress inside. 

I show them how to create their own “Energy Matrix Power Foundation” that puts them on a level playing field, overcomes the unconscious bias, and closes the confidence gap, so they can embrace their fully-faceted female power,
and embody their highest vision for themselves – effortlessly.

As  Female Power Alchemist, I help aspirational women like you to reactivate their ancient intrinsic magic, to become the powerful Sorceress inside.

I show them how to create their own “Energy Matrix Power Foundation” that puts them on a level playing field, overcomes the unconscious bias and closes the confidence gap, so they can embrace their fully-faceted female power and embody their highest vision for themselves – effortlessly.

Ready to take things deeper?

If you’re truly committed to your empowerment journey, things don’t have to end here.

For more support, deeper clearings and to build your power foundation, join my Members’ Club

“The Power Sanctuary”

If you’re truly committed to your empowerment journey, things don’t have to end here.  

For more support, deeper clearings and to build your power foundation, 
join my Members’ Club

“The Power Sanctuary”

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